Our team will be making some changes to the game's economy in the next major update. We have more details to share with you in this new devblog!
The biggest inter-server PvP tournament of DOFUS Touch is about to make a comeback! Read all about it in this new devblog.
The shield revamp is now live in DOFUS Touch Early (beta)! Find out more from this latest devblog.
Donning the finest items to customize your character will soon be child's play when you can use ceremonial items. Continue reading this new devblog to learn more!
During the balancing beta that will be coming soon, you'll have the opportunity to check out and test the Osamodas class redesign. We tell you more about it in this devblog!
After a few weeks of teasers, it's time to talk about the new PvM feature planned for the end of the year! [Yawn]' s the one who's got it covered in this new devblog.
We're going to take advantage of the Al Howin update to add a new event NPC to the game. This NPC will allow you to obtain exclusive items linked to the Game Masters, who will showcase the roleplay community.

For the main summer update, we plan to add Guild Announcements, which will improve communications within guilds and also with non-guild players! We tell you more about it in this devblog.

Announced during the Thunderous Breach update, more details on the Abyss Joust are revealed in this new devblog post! Find out everything you need to know about this inter-server tournament that is shaping up to be epic.

A new category will appear in the in-game Shop as part of this week's update. Read on for the details!

Reward System: Chests Devblog - September 07, 2017 - [Yawn]

The next in-game event will coincide with the introduction of a new reward system, which we touched on in Missive #7: reward chests that you can open yourself!

With the imminent arrival of Dofus Touch Early, our Beta build, it was more than time to tell you more about the re-structuring of the celestial island, the introduction of lairs, and the new sets that come with them. It’s also a good opportunity to talk about the future of lairs in the World of Twelve.

Since its release, DOFUS Touch has included all the content from DOFUS, completely free of charge. But in order to ensure the long life-span of the game and to allow us to produce regular content, we need to take measures to encourage the use of Bonus Packs (available in Goultines or in kamas) which are currently our main source of revenue.

Up to now seasoned breeders have a complicated way to sort out their herd. Here's a new interface that should make their lives easier!
Breeding interface revamp Devblog - September 14, 2016 - [Nyom]
As promised in the last devblog , here is more information about the breeding interface revamp.
Welcome Guilds Devblog - June 08, 2016 - [Izmar]
Treading the lands of the World of Twelve for the first time isn't necessarily easy for everyone... Thankfully, a handful of adventurers have decided to take the heroes of tomorrow under their wing!
Some curious folks have been asking who's hiding behind the scenes on the DOFUS Touch project: what valiant warriors (or foolhardy zealots) could charge in headfirst and slaughter this buglist? Here are the answers!
Hello all!

We hope to charm you with DOFUS Touch: both the current DOFUS players and those that have stopped playing for one reason or another. In this new form, and on a new server, you'll get to rediscover the game! We hope you'll enjoy combing the Blop dungeon, and crafting even more magic hats while tucked cozy in bed, from your couch, the corner café, or even – why not – on the toilet!
As we are adapting the various game interfaces to the tablet environment, we have a few modifications planned regarding dialog with NPCs and displaying chat bubbles; for more information, please keep reading!
For the Marketplace, we've placed the emphasis on:
  • accessibility: to be able to navigate to and from the Marketplace, everywhere that it might be practical;
  • efficient searching: by category or by text, to more quickly find an item on sale, in particular now that all the items are in a single Marketplace;
  • optimization of the available display area: to be able to see more items at the same time.
After the character creation screen, it's the Shop's interfaces' turn to get a complete overhaul. Yep! Although it's usually the Shop that lets you sharpen up your style, this time it's the Shop that's getting a makeover!
To better stick to the Tablet environment, we want to dissociate opening the smileys interface and the chat interface. Here's the result!
Economic Model Devblog - October 19, 2015 - [Izmar]
The Closed Beta of DOFUS Touch starts tomorrow. In order to boost our beta testers' experience and to keep you informed of DOFUS Touch's ways and means, we would like to present to you the economic model that we are currently considering for the game.