Let's not beat around the bush: This new update has one goal, and that's to make you into a legend! Legendary Weapons will certainly go a long way in that regard, but improvements to the Iop, Enutrof, and Ecaflip classes, among others, will also play a key role in your future ascent. Now you can learn more about these changes!
As we've already announced, Legendary Weapons will appear in the game this summer! The main goal of this update is to offer end-game content for players who have already discovered most of the game's features. It will also give us a chance to add a new super-rare equipment item apart from the Dofus to snatch from the clutches of monsters in the game. Learn all about how these exclusive weapons work by reading this new devblog: 

Update Four Aces has just arrived, and it's got plenty of surprises in store! Today, let's take a look at an "augmented" bonus pack that's sure to please an experienced adventurer like yourself…

As we announced in the KrosmoNote, and more recently in the missive, one of our goals this year is to push the game toward a more mobile format. To prepare for the next major update coming in the next few months, we'll tell you all about it in this new devblog!

The Abyss Joust #2 – The Remake was announced a few weeks ago, and now you can learn more about it in this new devblog! Check out every aspect of this inter-server tournament that is shaping up to be epic.
Initial tests for the class revamps have concluded as detailed in this report. Today we're giving you the third and final devblog in this series, dealing with the revamp of Sacriers.
Here's the second devblog about upcoming class revamps! Now it's the Eniripsa's turn to get a makeover.
As detailed in this article, initial tests for the class revamps are coming soon! Today, we are giving you the first devblog for these revamps, with the Cra revamp.
Our team will be making some changes to the game's economy in the next major update. We have more details to share with you in this new devblog!
The biggest inter-server PvP tournament of DOFUS Touch is about to make a comeback! Read all about it in this new devblog.
The shield revamp is now live in DOFUS Touch Early (beta)! Find out more from this latest devblog.
Donning the finest items to customize your character will soon be child's play when you can use ceremonial items. Continue reading this new devblog to learn more!
During the balancing beta that will be coming soon, you'll have the opportunity to check out and test the Osamodas class redesign. We tell you more about it in this devblog!