Donning the finest items to customize your character will soon be child's play when you can use ceremonial items. Continue reading this new devblog to learn more!

Many players consider their character's appearance to be very important. Beating your opponents is good, but when you've got style, that's even better!

An alternative to the Mimisymbic system is about to be released with the next major update: ceremonial items.

But what exactly are these items, you ask?

Lasting Cosmetic Choices

The idea of a ceremonial item is to apply its appearance to a piece of equipment. Ceremonial items can't be lost and can be used on your various items as many times as you want, allowing for optimal flexibility.

For example, if my Witter Beanie becomes a ceremonial item, I can apply its appearance to my Gobball headgear, remove it, and then apply it again to my Toady headgear, and so on.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's a demonstration!
As you can see, your inventory will now have slots reserved for ceremonial items. Simply place the skin you want in one of these, and you're all set!

What items will be available as ceremonial versions?

More or less all current cosmetic items in the game will be offered in ceremonial form: items given out by community managers (Witter Beanie, T'Youb Cloak, Shield O'Discord, etc.), items awarded during in-game events (Ascension Diadem, Dungeon Rusher shields, etc.), etc.

Equipment items in the Shop will also become ceremonial items; this includes Prestige items. Please note that at this time, for practical reasons, this won't apply to pets and petsmounts that have already been purchased, as their bonuses are used by all level groups within the community.

This is less the case with sets in the Shop, whose equivalents can be accessed directly in the game, particularly through the Incarnam and Astrub Lairs.

Miscellaneous Questions

Will the announced changes to shields essentially make them ceremonial items?

Not at all! Although cosmetic shields will indeed become ceremonial, other shields will be fully redesigned to have an impact on gameplay. Please be patient a little longer until we tell you more…

What purpose will Mimisymbics have now?

Mimisymbics will still be useful, as you can still use them to apply the appearance of items that are not available in ceremonial form to your equipment; for example, you can use a Mimisymbic to give your Missiz Freezz headgear the appearance of a Solomonk.

Will changes be retroactive?

Yes, all applicable items will retroactively become ceremonial.
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