The shield revamp is now live in DOFUS Touch Early (beta)! Find out more from this latest devblog.
DOFUS Touch shield revamp

This devblog is largely based on the explanations presented in this workshop, but with a few extra details.

This revamp is currently being tested in the beta, and we'll look at your feedback to modify certain aspects if necessary.


Each shield may be used in either PvP or PvM and will grant useful bonuses for both gameplay modes.

Now the only requirement for equipping a shield will be the character's level, and a shield can be equipped with any weapon in the game. This means the revamp will make all weapons one-handed.

Initially, about 50 shields will be available, ranging from level 10 to 200. That's right, new shields will be added to the game!
DOFUS Touch new shields
Of course, existing cosmetic shields aren't included here; these will not change.


We wanted to make shields fundamentally defensive rather than offensive. That said, we don't want to grant extremely high bonuses in order to avoid pulling the metagame in a direction completely based on defensive play. That's the main reason we're leaving out Resistance %.

The following characteristics will apply to shields:
  • AP Parry
  • MP Parry
  • AP Reduction
  • MP Reduction
  • Lock
  • Dodge
  • Vitality
  • Pushback Resistances
  • Fixed Resistances
  • Initiative
  • Healing
  • Summoning
  • Range


Each shield will offer the ability to unlock new passives in combat. Passives will be unique to each shield and will not be modifiable. It will therefore sometimes be necessary to choose between shield characteristics and passives.

Once again, we're focusing more on defense than offense, and mainly in response to the opponent's choice.

In the interest of balancing, only 4 passives will be available, as listed below.
  • Stoic Shield: When the bearer receives critical damage from an opponent, critical resistance increases by 40 for the current turn.
  • Fleeting Shield: When the bearer receives close-combat damage from an opponent, Dodge increases by 35 during the next turn.
  • Tenacious Shield: When the bearer is pushed or pulled by, or switched with, an opponent, they receive 1 MP for the following turn and add 15 MP Dodge bonus.
  • Altruistic Shield: At the end of their turn, if the bearer has less than 30% HP, they receive a 15% bonus to healing received for the current turn.

Passives will be automatically activated at the start of each fight. In the timeline, the shield's passive will look like any other effect on the bearer and will remain active through the entire fight.

These mechanics will not be available on shields below level 50, as new players already have enough to learn when they arrive in the World of Twelve.



With the ever-present aim of maintaining server economy, shields will have to be crafted using in-game resources as part of the Shield Smith profession.

Various alloys now weigh less, so crafting one or more shields will be less of a bother, among other things. Read the changelog to learn more!


But wait, there's more! Each newly crafted shield will have to be fortified using other resources in order to gain optimal characteristics (somewhat like food and pets), which will take the form of ranks. Therefore, these shields can't be smithmaged.

Unlike with pets, you'll be able to fortify your shield to the maximum rank in one go, as long as you have the resources required.

Although smithmagic will not be an option, runes can be used to dramatic effect, as these will allow you to upgrade your shields. Some runes will fortify shields better than others; a rune's weight will determine how much experience it provides.

Each shield will have 100 ranks, with the required amount of XP varying based on the equipment level. At each rank, the shield will gain extra characteristics. For example, if a rank 100 shield confers 200 Vitality, it will gain 2 Vitality at each new rank. A bit like how dragoturkeys work!

If you've been following along so far, shields' final stats will be fixed values.

Please note: Characteristic points are counted as whole numbers. Your shield may technically provide a bonus of 1.8 Vitality, but it will actually provide 1 Vitality until the bonus reaches 2.


Whether you want to fortify your shield, review its characteristics, or change the passive's effects, we're offering a new interface that gives you a good view of all these new elements.

Accessing it is quite simple; this will be done from the available actions on your shield.
Once in this new interface:
On the left side of the interface, you can view information about your shield, such as:
  • the shield's characteristics;
  • its rank;
  • how much XP is needed to rank up;
  • and the passive (press down on the icon to view its effects).

On the right side, you'll have access to the runes in your inventory that allow you to fortify your shield. As with dragoturkeys, you'll be able to select the amount of runes you wish to use.

Prior to confirming the amount of runes provided, you'll have the option to preview the upgrade.

Now you know everything you need to go and test it all out in the beta! See you all soon!
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