Here's the second devblog about upcoming class revamps! Now it's the Eniripsa's turn to get a makeover.
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Objectives of the Revamp

We decided to apply major changes to Eniripsas to deal with recurring issues that were making this class incomplete and keeping it from developing its full potential. These were the main problems raised:
  • Eniripsas are too confined to a support role and aren't very viable in other contexts.
  • Their elemental paths aren't balanced enough. This class has very few non-Fire spells, making the other paths weaker and unviable.
  • These two issues can make Eniripsa's gameplay boring, as it lacks variety.

So, to fix these problems and improve the game experience for Eniripsa players, we've decided to focus on the following aspects:

How can we better enable the Eniripsa to develop as a main character, while maintaining their effectiveness as support?

By giving the class more attack spells along with greater variety in their effects.

How do we make the three elemental paths more balanced while keeping healing as the essence of this class?

By offering a number of similar spells for each elemental path, as well as gameplay that varies depending on the player's chosen path. We also want Eniripsas to have healing options that aren't solely intelligence-based.

How can we add more depth to this class's gameplay?

By providing multiple tiers of complexity, which the player can choose based on their preference and/or their level.

Through these improvements, we want to allow Eniripsas to be more effective in their non-support roles but still preserve the support element that's unique to this class. We'd like the Eniripsa to be a viable choice for main character in solo and group play.

With these changes, the Eniripsa class will have three distinct elemental paths, each offering a balanced number of spells, along with additional utility spells.
  • The healer's Fire path: still based on support, with spells that deal damage to enemies but also heal allies.
  • The arcanist's Water path: built on raw damage using powerful spells. This allows the Eniripsa to heal themself using their attacks' health steal.
  • The alchemist's Air path: based on more indirect damage, including through flask summons. The Eniripsa can heal themself and their allies using summons and by distributing damage inflicted over certain attacks.

Eniripsas will also have access to a new feature: Marks. These are states they'll be able to apply to targets (except for summons) using some of their attacks, which will have a unique effect on being triggered:
  • If the target is an enemy, it receives a Cursed mark. This mark will be triggered the next time the target takes damage from an ally of the Eniripsa. Depending on the element of damage received, the mark will have different effects:
    • Fire damage received: The target's recieved heals are reduced by 30%
    • Water damage received: The target receives extra Water damage.
    • Air damage received: Pushes units adjacent to the target 2 cells back.
    • Earth damage received: Reduces the duration of effects on the target by 1 turn.

Fixed a bug that prevented the mark from triggering more than once per turn.
  • An allied target will receive the Blessed mark. This mark will be triggered on the next heal received, and its effect will be to increase the amount of healing done. 

The healing multiplier of this mark has been significantly reduced to prevent overuse tied to healing weapons.

When a mark is applied, it remains on the target for 2 turns. During this time, it can be triggered by any of the Eniripsa's allies. Once a mark is triggered, it is removed from the target.

List of Spells by Elemental Path

Fire Path

  • Heartwarming Word (level 1)
  • Revitalising Word (level 6)
  • Sparkling Word (level 13)
  • Piercing Word (level 31)
  • Unsettling Word (level 90)

Water path

  • Striking Word (level 1)
  • Jarring Word (level 9)
  • Overwhelming Word (level 26)
  • Vampiric Word (level 42)
  • Exhausting Word (level 60)

Air Path

  • Resonating Word (level 3)
  • Mocking Word (level 17)
  • Summoning of Toxic Flask (level 36)
  • Draining Word (level 54)
  • Summoning of Remedy Flask (level 70)

Utility Spells

  • Frightening Word (level 1)
  • Stimulating Word (level 21)
  • Coney Summon (level 48)
  • Word of Altruism (level 80)
  • Word of Recovery (level 100)
  • Summoning of Eniripsa Dopple (level 200)
  • Regenerating Word (special spell)

Spell Descriptions and Acquisition Levels

Good to Know

  • The AP cost and Range of some existing spells may have changed.
  • Each elemental path has at least:
    • One spell used to apply Marks
    • One spell whose effects are enhanced or different depending on whether the target is marked
    • One spell used to change the Coney's state (see the description of the Coney Summon spell)
  • The player can only stack one Mark of each type (Blessed and Cursed), but there is no limit to the number of marks on the battlefield.

Information in italics is the changes or corrections done following the initial testing mentioned in this report.

Heartwarming Word – Level 1

Inflicts Fire damage if the target is an enemy; heals if target is an ally. Applies the Fire Coney state to the Coney.
We've increased the spell's healing by about a third.
Its minimum range has been set at 0 to allow the Eniripsa to heal themself more easily.
The spell's damage at level 6 has been increased slightly.

Striking Word – Level 1

Inflicts Water damage, then marks the target. If the target is already marked, it steals health as Water damage, then marks the target.
The spell now always steals health. We've reduced its damage to compensate for this.
The spell description has been updated so they're easier to understand.

Frightening Word – Level 1

Pushes the target 1 cell back.

Resonating Word – Level 3

Inflicts Air damage and pulls the Eniripsa's toxic flask toward the target if they are aligned. Applies the Air Coney state to the Coney.

Revitalising Word – Level 6

Heals allies in an area of effect and reduces damage received for those at max health.
We raised its number of uses per turn from 2 to 3.

Jarring Word – Level 9

Inflicts Water damage and repels the targeted enemy. If the enemy receives Pushback damage, it loses MP. If it receives Pushback damage and has a Cursed mark, the Eniripsa steals its MP instead.

Sparkling Word – Level 13

Inflicts Fire damage on the targeted enemy and increases healing received by allies on adjacent cells.
The spell no longer has a straight-line casting requirement.
The Range is no longer modifiable but has been increased by 1.

Mocking Word – Level 17

Inflicts Air damage on the targeted enemy at the end of its turn for each MP it used this turn. The enemy receives a Cursed mark.
The spell was too powerful and frustrating for opponents. It can now only be cast once every 2 turns (at level 6).

Stimulating Word – Level 21

Gives 2 AP to the targeted ally and the caster for 3 turns. Places a Blessed Mark on the target.
Does not affect other Eniripsas. The spell can be cast once per turn but can only be placed once on each target.
The spell description has been updated so they're easier to understand.
The spell now places a Blessed Mark on the caster as well.
The AP gain could stack on the spell caster. This is no longer possible.

Overwhelming Word – Level 26

Inflicts Water damage on enemies and marks targets in an area of effect. Applies the Water Coney state to the Coney.
We raised its number of uses per turn from 1 to 2.

Piercing Word – Level 31

Inflicts Fire damage on enemies in an area of effect, then gives them a Cursed mark. Heals affected allies, then gives them a Blessed mark.

Summoning of Toxic Flask – Level 36

Summons a flask that inflicts Air-type poison damage on nearby enemies, infecting them. When the flask is destroyed, it deals Air damage to infected enemies and places a toxic glyph.
The flasks' area of effects are shown on mouseover before casting the spell.

Vampiric Word – Level 42

Steals health as Water damage.
The spell's damage has been increased slightly.

Coney Summon – Level 48

Summons a Coney with the Fire Coney state. Certain attacks cast by the Eniripsa on the Coney will change this state.

The Coney's effects:
  • Fire Coney state: Heals the targeted ally.
  • Water Coney state: Increases the target's Power for 1 turn.
  • Air Coney state: Gives 1 MP to the targeted ally for 1 turn.

Draining Word – Level 54

Inflicts Air damage on the targeted enemy and distributes some of the lost HP among all allies with the Blessed mark.

Exhausting Word – Level 60

Inflicts Water damage that increases for each enemy with the Cursed mark. Removes all Cursed marks from enemies.

Summoning of Remedy Flask – Level 70

Summons a flask that applies a Blessed mark to allies and heals them each turn for an amount based on the Air damage most recently inflicted on it by the Eniripsa. On dying, it places a glyph that heals allies.
The flasks' area of effects are shown on mouseover before casting the spell.
The spell description has been updated so they're easier to understand.

Word of Altruism – Level 80

Heals all allies with the Blessed mark. Kills the Coney if already summoned. Sets the recast interval for the Stimulating Word spell to 1 turn.
The spell no longer sets the cooldown period for Stimulating Word at 1.
The spell description has been updated so they're easier to understand.

Unsettling Word – Level 90

Inflicts Fire damage on the target, then switches places with the Eniripsa. If the target is the Eniripsa's summon, it dies. Then removes all Cursed marks from enemies and Blessed marks from allies.
The spell's AP cost is now 4 (down from 5).
The spell now accounts for the Gravity state.

Word of Recovery – Level 100

Completely heals the allied target, then makes it unhealable for 3 turns.

Regenerating Word – Special Spell

Reduces the duration of effects cast on the caster or an ally. The target is then healed at the start of its turn for 2 turns.

How stats are distributed will also change in the update:
  • For Strength, Chance, Intelligence, and Agility, the point cost to increase a stat will be 1 up to 100, 2 up to 200, 3 up to 300, 4 up to 400, and then 5 after 400.
  • Wisdom will keep its fixed cost of 3 and Vitality its fixed cost of 1.

When the new Eniripsa comes out, the stats and spell points of players in the class will be reset.

The class set will change accordingly.

We hope these changes will meet your expectations, and we'll see you in the coming weeks for some real in-game testing! In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.
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