As we announced in the KrosmoNote, and more recently in the missive, one of our goals this year is to push the game toward a more mobile format. To prepare for the next major update coming in the next few months, we'll tell you all about it in this new devblog!

As you might expect, this process will involve changes to the interface and visual aspects. We also wish to adapt how the game works. That's why we've decided to drastically change certain aspects of the game on points that are nevertheless historical and iconic.

Transition to Four Players

Starting from Update 1.54, fights in DOFUS Touch will be limited to 4v4, or a maximum of four players against a maximum of four monsters. This will be applied to all content.

This reduction allows for more manageable fights, whether in terms of duration or on-screen information and elements (players, monsters, summons, infinite timeline, etc.). It's also a way for solo players or those who mostly play in pairs to more easily find groups of monsters and content (dungeons, quests, etc.) that are adapted to their way of playing.

In practical terms, this will impact several elements.


First of all, the monsters you can encounter "in the wild".
In general, monsters populating areas appear in the following pattern:

  • Three groups per map:
    • a group of 1-2 monsters,
    • a group of 3-4 monsters, and
    • a group of 5-8 monsters.

This format will change to fit the new limit, and the proposed groups will now be (still in general):

  • Three groups per map:
    • a group of 1-2 monsters,
    • a group of 2-3 monsters, and
    • a group of 3-4 monsters.

In fact, fights should proceed faster overall, which is why we've also decreased the respawn rate for monsters (yep, even archmonsters!). The respawn rate for classic monsters will be halved. In particular, this was an opportunity to harmonize some time periods within the same family (we're thinking of boggedown ouassingues and air pikokos). The respawn times for archmonsters, wanted monsters, and other specific monsters have also been reduced, but we obviously won't tell you more about them to avoid giving anyone an advantage.


♪ But I guess it's never really over… ♫ Well for dungeon modularity,* it actually is.

From now on, since the size of groups is limited to four, this functionality is no longer required and will disappear, giving way to set groups of four monsters. Although this system is now obsolete for this type of content, it may still be used occasionally (quests, events, etc.).

This change and another dungeon-related change that we'll cover later in the devblog result in alterations to the composition of monster groups in many dungeons, except for boss rooms, which we've been keen to keep as close to their current state as possible.

In fact, exclusive monsters' resources won't become rarer, and some will even become more accessible – cybwork bolt hunters, we've got your back.

As a reminder, dungeon modularity is a mechanic allowing groups of monsters encountered in dungeons to adapt – to some degree – to the size of the group of players. From one to four players, the group of monsters encountered includes four monsters, then five monsters for five players, and so on.


This will undoubtedly break many of your hearts, but it's time to say goodbye to those quest fights where you had to protect a rather foolish NPC on your own against eight monsters that were far too angry. Those quests where you had to find six of the same monster in a single group and other fun stuff.  All quests that used to involve fights against groups of more than four monsters have been overhauled so that only fights adhering to the new group proportions are generated. And with fights that aren't as hard, you'll probably even be able to read all the quest dialogues carefully!
As with group fights, most quests that require you to fight several similar monsters in a single fight have changed, either by requiring you to fight a much smaller number of similar monsters, or by being divided into several objectives requiring you to fight the monsters one by one. Our goal with these quest changes is to make the experience smoother for players who are drawn to the narrative aspect, but also for new players and solo players.
The goal isn't to make these fights trivial, but simply to make sure they aren't too difficult a hurdle for players who don't necessarily have a group with whom they can go off on an adventure.


PvP in DOFUS Touch comes in several formats, some of which will be affected by these changes.

  • Perceptor fights: They will now be 4v4 plus the perceptor.
  • Alliance (KOTH), prism, challenge, and aggression fights: They will now be 4v4 maximum.

The Kolossium: It will not be affected and will still be 3v3. For all this content, we will be attentive to your feedback on how the changes impact how you play so that adjustments can be made if they are needed. We will pay particular attention to the prism and perceptor fights as they are most strongly impacted.


But What About Drops?

At least for now, we've decided not to change all the resource drop rates. Actually, differences in resources' values can mainly be felt through whether or not there is a monster outside a dungeon, the difficulty of the area, and its use, which is healthy behavior.
Very few classic resources from monsters are currently in short supply, and for the time being, we think the fact that it is easier to fight groups of monsters coupled with their shorter respawn time are sufficient to ensure a steady flow of these resources into the market. This won't stop us making further changes if the situation seems to be getting worse or out of balance.

Dungeons with Three Rooms

The transition of dungeons to three rooms is a change we've wanted to make for a long time, and it greatly decreases the time it takes to complete a dungeon.

In previous updates, we started transitioning some of the game's dungeons to three rooms, including two monster rooms and the boss room. Then we systematically adopted this format for new dungeons accompanying the various updates' content, but without changing all the existing dungeons.

Actually, the overconsumption of some of these dungeons – mainly at a very high level – by groups of eight players was already causing excessive generation of some resources that should have been rare and precious, and we didn't want to encourage this phenomenon by making it too easy to repeatedly complete such content.

Such behavior is now likely to be more limited due to the reduced number of fighters. This is why we feel it is now possible to make this change, which will undoubtedly make life much more enjoyable for single-account players.
All the dungeons, except some like the Dragon Pig's Den and Lord Crow's Library (but not the Labyrinth of the Minotoror!), have therefore been overhauled, keeping only three rooms. The composition of these rooms, as explained above, is therefore suitable to ensure there will be enough exclusive monsters. Some unique bosses, like Dark Vlad, will also see their group composition change.

Our priority was to preserve the rooms used in quests – such as those containing our friend Francis, lost in the Kolosso's Caverns – to limit any changes to be made to them as much as possible. However, when it was impossible to preserve the quest as it was, or when too many rooms in a dungeon were used in quests, we moved the NPCs, interactive elements, or special monsters to the preserved rooms. The same goes for the possible harvestable resources that could sometimes be found in dungeons.

Dungeon Balancing

All dungeons and achievements can be completed with four players, as history and your exploits have repeatedly confirmed. However, some mechanics are less conducive to diverse compositions than others, so we are planning to change some of them slightly to make them accessible and open to a wider variety of classes. Again, our goal isn't to make the game too "simple". Instead, with these changes, we are trying to preserve the overall dungeon difficulty as much as possible when that difficulty is relevant, as in the case of the Frigost 3 dungeons. A mistake will therefore probably still be fatal in the reworked fights, but a wider variety of methods will make it possible to apply the strategy needed for victory.
In contrast, some dungeons will be reworked outright in terms of raw damage inflicted by monsters when they do not match the indicated level, as is the case for Soft Oak and the Feathodyls, the real bosses of the Scale King's Pyramid.

Despite these changes, we will keep monitoring these dungeons to observe the win rates and winning (or losing) team compositions in order to adapt them when it seems necessary. Similarly, the work done on class balancing will take into account these changes to ensure that all classes have a place in the groups of four in both player-vs-player fights and player-vs-monster fights.

Removal of Aggression

"Who's gonna teleport to the Koolich?"
"Not me! I already teleported to the Wa's castle yesterday, so I'm done."
This could be the last time you see such a discussion (well, not quite, because you'll still have to walk the path, and we all know that some people don't use their dragoturkeys as much as others). As we announced in Missive 15 a few weeks ago, we wanted to do away with the monster aggression system for the whole game.

Even though this system offered interesting possibilities for the story and could have been used in new ways (for example, we were thinking about disabling aggression once the quests in an area had been completed), we eventually decided to do away with it entirely. It was too inconvenient, especially for players using smartphones, where navigating through certain areas could quickly become a nightmare due to the difficulty of zigzagging between monsters. What's more, the lack of visibility and information on aggressive monsters and their aggression range too often took the enjoyment out of the experience for new players, who could be put off or frustrated by this system, which wasn't adequately explained.


  • What does the future hold for chill pills now aggression is being removed?

As you might have guessed, this consumable's purpose will disappear along with the monster aggression system. Therefore, this service will no longer be available for sale after the update, so we encourage you to use any stock you might have before then.

  • What will happen to soul stones for more than four monsters?

Changes to the size of groups of monsters and players won't affect any groups already contained in stones, so they will remain intact after the update. However, the restriction on the number of players allowed in a fight will apply, and fights may be unequal if the stone contains more than four monsters. If you don't mind fighting eight monsters when there are only four of you, you'll be welcome to do so. If not, please consume these catches before the update.

  • What will happen to savepoints in dungeons?

Changing the number of rooms in dungeons will result in the savepoints in those dungeons being deleted if your character was in one of the removed rooms. Therefore, it is advisable not to leave any pending savepoints when the update is released to ensure you don't lose your progress.

  • Will these changes alter how Ascension Island works?

Ascension Island already offers a special fight format that is limited to three players, so it will not be affected by the changes. No changes are planned for this content.

  • Aren't you worried that marketplaces will be flooded with equipment?

The overall reduction in the number of players in fights may result in many items being put up for sale (especially high-level items), as some teams with more than four players will now become obsolete. While this may temporarily affect the economy, we feel that prices will stabilize over time with the steady arrival of new players in the relevant level brackets.

  • Will it still be possible to create groups of eight?

It will no longer be possible to form groups of eight players so as to remain consistent with the teams in fights and so as not to risk skewing the experience estimates displayed above monster groups.

  • Won't progress be slowed?

Groups of monsters will be smaller and so their level will necessarily be lower. That doesn't mean that progress will be slowed, because fights will be balanced at level more often, and therefore acquired experience will be more optimal. In addition, as fights will be faster, the impact on a classic character's progress speed will be little or not at all affected.

  • Will stars appear on groups more quickly?

For now, we aren't going to alter this mechanic. Since its aim is to encourage exploration of less frequented areas, the way it currently works still seems appropriate. It is an option that we will keep in reserve if we want to affect progress speed in the future or in response to the previous point.

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