As we've already announced, Legendary Weapons will appear in the game this summer! The main goal of this update is to offer end-game content for players who have already discovered most of the game's features. It will also give us a chance to add a new super-rare equipment item apart from the Dofus to snatch from the clutches of monsters in the game. Learn all about how these exclusive weapons work by reading this new devblog: 


What is a Legendary Weapon?

A Legendary Weapon is a slightly unique equipment item in that it can be equipped instead of a ceremonial weapon. However, unlike regular ceremonial equipment, this kind will grant bonus stats to the bearer. This allows them to gain extra effects without needing to replace their standard weapon!

A weapon can be upgraded and its effects customized to optimize the bonuses it grants. Each weapon has two effect lines:

  • The primary effect: elemental damage or characteristic of a specific element (e.g. Fire Damage or Intelligence)
  • The secondary effect: another effect that may not be linked to a specific element (e.g. Critical Damage or Power)

These weapons can be looted from monsters in various high-level zones, then upgraded at the Elemental Forge in Pandala to boost their power!

How do you get a Legendary Weapon?

As we said before, monsters in certain high-level zones will have a very small chance of dropping a Legendary Weapon. That said, you'll need to meet a few conditions to be able to get one of these weapons as a combat reward:

  • Reach level 180 or higher
  • Complete the achievement for the monster family
  • Complete the basic achievement for the zone dungeon

Each affected zone features its own Legendary Weapon. Below are the ones included in this update:

  • You may find a bow in the Fungus Cavern.
  • You may find an axe in Gisgoul the Devastated Village.
  • You may find a shovel in the City of Orado.
  • You may find a staff in Tree Koholo.
  • You may find a hammer in the Windblast Barricade.
  • You may find daggers in Sakai Island.
  • You may find a wand in the Scarlet Tannery.
  • You may find a sword in the Bleak Legion Bastion.

Then it will be a matter of adding new Legendary Weapons to the game.

How do you upgrade a Legendary Weapon?

When you acquire a Legendary Weapon, it will be dormant. It won't be equipable yet, and you'll have to visit the Pandala Elemental Forge in order to modify it. There are three types of changes you can make:

1. Awakening

For an acquired Legendary Weapon to grant stats and be equipped, it must first be awakened using the Elemental Forge. Awakening a weapon is done in two phases:

  • Infusion: this is when you choose the weapon's element; it changes the primary effect.
  • Specialization: this is when you choose what effect (primary or secondary) can be enhanced later on.

Based on your choices, you'll need different resources in order to perform the Awakening, plus the Dormant weapon – among other things, Awakening Materials will be required. This new resource can be crafted with Elemental Artifacts in your weapon's element (you get these from the Elemental Dungeon, which we'll describe later). The remaining Awakening recipes won't be revealed until the open beta, but this is coming soon.

For example:

You've acquired legendary daggers. Once awakened, the daggers grant:

  • +6 damage in the element of your choice (primary effect)
  • +10 Power (secondary effect)

So, Infusion lets you choose the element of the primary effect, which is Fire in this case. Specialization lets you choose what effect, between Fire Damage and Power, can be enhanced afterwards – here we'll go with Power. Which means the awakened weapon will grant:

[screenshot of a non-upgraded weapon. It grants +6 Fire Damage and +10 Power]

2. Grinding

Once awakened, the weapon can be equipped and will provide a primary effect and a secondary effect. The effect chosen during Specialization (see the section on Awakening) can be enhanced by spending resources through the Grind skill, which is available at the Elemental Forge.

There are 15 levels of enhancement, and an awakened weapon starts out at level 1. Each level increases the chosen effect in a linear fashion. However, the amount of resources required will also increase each time it levels up. At level 15, the weapon will have reached its maximum grinding level.

Here's a list of the possible effects and the value granted for each enhancement level:

  • Strength, Chance, Intelligence, and Agility: 20 to start (once awakened), +5 per level
  • Earth, Water, Fire, and Air Damage: 8 to start, +1 per level
  • Power: 10 to start, +5 per level
  • Critical Damage: 11 to start, +1 per level
  • Pushback Damage: 8 to start, +3 per level
  • Initiative: 100 to start, +50 per level

As with Awakening, awakening materials of the element chosen during Infusion will be required, among others.

For example:

Let's take the daggers we awakened in the example above. At level 1, their stats are:

[screenshot of the non-upgraded weapon. It grants +6 Fire Damage and +10 Power]

For each enhancement level, the daggers will gain +5 Power. So, at level 15, they'll give:

[Screenshot of the same weapon enhanced to the max. It grants 6 Fire damage and 80 Power]

3. Shattering

If your legendary weapon is no longer useful, it can be shattered at the Elemental Forge. This action will destroy the weapon, but in return, it will produce elemental artifacts based on the weapon's status:

  • Dormant weapon: provides 20 elemental artifacts of each element
  • Awakened weapon: provides 150 elemental artifacts of the same element as the weapon

The amount of elemental artifacts collected from an awakened legendary weapon is always the same, regardless of its grinding level.

The Elemental Dungeon

The Elemental Dungeon is a special dungeon located in the Elemental Heart of Pandala and accessible through the Awakening Gate. It is used to collect elemental artifacts from the monsters guarding it, resources needed to awaken and grind a legendary weapon (see the relevant paragraphs above). Like other dungeons, it consists of three rooms, one of which has a dungeon keeper.

There are four versions of the Elemental Dungeon, one for each element (Earth, Water, Fire, and Air). The element of the monsters inhabiting the rooms depends on the dungeon's element. Access to the dungeons will be based on a weekly schedule, with each element falling on a particular day. That said, all four elements will be accessible at the same time on certain weekends and during special events.

You will only acquire artifacts corresponding to the element of the dungeon you're fighting in (e.g. a Water Elemental Dungeon will only give Water Elemental Artifacts).

The dungeon doesn't require a key; however, a character can only complete the Elemental Dungeon once per day.


  • Can I sell or trade a Legendary Weapon?

Legendary weapons and awakening materials will be linked to the account. With items like this, we want players to own them as the result of searching, not simply through a transaction. That said, you'll be able to trade elemental artifacts obtained from the Elemental Dungeon or via shattering.

  • Can I change my weapon's element after awakening it?

It will be possible to modify your choices after awakening a weapon. To do so, you'll need a catalyst, which is a consumable that can be purchased from the shop. The catalyst will let you change a legendary weapon's element or the effect caused by grinding (refer to the Grinding section), or both at once. The catalyst is destroyed on use. The legendary weapon will keep its grinding level after being modified.

  • What are the requirements for equipping a Legendary Weapon?

Legendary weapons can be equipped at level 200. Also, the weapon type must match your standard weapon type. For example, a legendary bow can only be equipped if you're holding a bow.

  • How did you decide on the bonuses from legendary weapons?

We wanted the bonuses granted by legendary weapons to be appealing enough to the highest level players, but without making them overpowered and therefore indispensable (as their drop rate is very low). These weapons are meant for players who want to optimize their character's equipment.

  • If I meet all the conditions mentioned here, will I immediately have a chance of getting a weapon in the game?

You can only get a legendary weapon after starting the quest from the ghost of the White Chtiger samurai. There is one ghost per zone and therefore per weapon. Each quest will only allow you to get the weapon associated with it. It will be possible to start more than one of these quests at the same time.

  • Can I get more than one legendary weapon?

Once you start the quest from the samurai ghosts and meet all the requirements, there won't be any limit on the number of legendary weapons you can get. But you still have to get there!

  • During events where all the Elemental Dungeon elements are accessible, will I be able to do the dungeon more than once a day?

During these special events, the dungeon can be done once per element (i.e. the Earth dungeon a single time, the Water dungeon a single time, and so on).

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