A few months ago, we told you in an Early Devblog post about our plans for stat-based passives, and in particular the future of Wisdom.

In update 1.60, Group Attack, we'll be making changes to Wisdom and its impact on experience earned in combat. This devblog will give you an overview of those changes.

As mentioned in the previous devblog, Wisdom currently plays two very distinct roles in the game: one in combat, and the other in character progression.

  • In combat, Wisdom allows you to increase your AP and MP Reduction and Parry stats at a 10:1 ratio. These characteristics increase your odds to reduce your opponents' action or movement points, or conversely, to avoid suffering those same reductions when an enemy targets you with them.
  • In character progression, Wisdom increases the experience obtained at the end of a fight, thereby helping to accelerate your character's growth.

Wisdom, which can be increased at a cost of 3 characteristic points for 1 stat bonus, is a significant asset in light of its effects and its impact on the experience you earn. In short, it allows your character to reach level 200 more quickly. However, choosing the Wisdom path means neglecting other characteristics that are useful in combat, and thus has a negative impact on players' experience throughout their adventure by making them dependent on others.

With the arrival of the group search feature for dungeons in version 1.60, we felt it was critical to get rid of these behaviors, which are harmful both to Wisdom-path players and to others. That's why, as mentioned in the previous devblog, we've decided to eliminate the connection between the experience a character earns and how many Wisdom points they have.

Experience in combat

Experience in combat is currently governed by a formula that we can summarize in the following simplified form:

Final Experience = Experience Received * (Player's Wisdom / 100) + Experience Received

Note: this formula does not incorporate the calculation of various external bonuses such as challenges, the Bonus Pack, higher-level characters on the same server, etc.

This formula will be modified so that it no longer depends on the player's Wisdom. It will instead depend on their level, as expressed in the following formula:

Final Experience = Experience Received * (Player's Level * 2.05) / 100 + Experience Received

To maintain the use of certain experience-boosting consumables, we will also be incorporating a new XP modifier effect into the formula. This modifier has 4 levels of strength, and can be applied as a bonus or a penalty.

  • Level 1 modifier: 0.25
  • Level 2 modifier: 0.5
  • Level 3 modifier: 0.75
  • Level 4 modifier: 1

This modifier will be added to the basic formula to simulate as closely as possible the impact that these items currently have on the final experience earned. The new formula then looks like this:

Final Experience = Experience Received * ((Player's Level * 2.05) / 100 + XpModifier) + Experience Received

The external bonuses mentioned above will continue to apply in the same way around this basic formula, and will have an impact on the final result.

Comparison of experience earned with the old and new formula

Since images are often easier to understand than words, here are a few illustrations comparing the old formula (in blue) and the new formula (in orange) in equivalent combat situations.

Note 1: the Wisdom figure is an average for the Wisdom of a player not currently optimized for this characteristic

Note 2: the monster XP (column 3) comes from a monster whose level is equivalent to the player's level (indicated in column 1)

Comparison of experience earned in "similar" situations

Player's Level
Monster XP
XP before
XP after
1 0 100 100 102
15 0 1,950 1,950 2,550
25 25 3,750 4,688 5,672
35 70 5,950 10,115 10,219
45 80 8,550 15,390 16,437
60 140 13,200 31,680 29,436
65 155 14,950 38,123 34,871
75 160 18,750 48,750 47,578
80 160 20,800 54,080 54,912
90 190 25,200 73,080 71,694
115 225 37,950 123,338 127,417
145 250 56,550 197,925 224,645
165 320 70,950 297,990 310,938
185 400 86,950 434,750 416,708
200 420 100,000 520,000 510,000

The complete curve then looks like this:


Zooming in closer on different level ranges, we see:

In short, the impact for most platers will be very minimal, and will allow everyone to focus on characteristics that are more directly relevant to their character's in-game experience.


Since the Wisdom stat will no longer include this XP acceleration component, we'll be making a few changes to it to maintain its relevance in combat.

Parry and Reduction characteristics

In contrast to the options we had mentioned in our earlier post, we've decided to maintain the connection between Wisdom and the (AP and MP) Reduction and (AP and MP) Parry characteristics of both players and monsters in the same way as in the past, namely 1 point for every 10 units of Wisdom.

That way, the changes to Wisdom will not affect the difficulty of various PvP or PvM content types.

However, the more targeted or niche interest of this characteristic led us to revise the stat thresholds as well.

Stat thresholds

With these modifications, Wisdom will now have thresholds equivalent to those of other characteristics, and can be increased in the same way as others:

  • 1 point invested for 1 Wisdom up to 100
  • 2 points invested for 1 Wisdom up to 200
  • 3 points invested for 1 Wisdom up to 300
  • 4 points invested for 1 Wisdom up to 400
  • 5 points invested for 1 Wisdom above 400

Points invested in Wisdom will be refunded at a character's first login, and can be redistributed in order to take advantage of these new thresholds.

Consequences for the game

This change will have consequences for various items, consumables and pets in the game, which we will go over in the following points.

Changes to Wisdom pets

For the most part, Pets that provide Wisdom will now be able to reach a maximum of 200 Wisdom, i.e. 20 AP/MP Reduction and 20 AP/MP Parry.

Old Bonus
New Bonus
Tubskito 20 Wisdom 100 Wisdom
Black Dragoone 50 Wisdom 200 Wisdom
Pink Dragoone 50 Wisdom 200 Wisdom
Golden Dragoone 50 Wisdom 200 Wisdom
Friendrake 50 Wisdom 200 Wisdom
Snowfoux 50 Wisdom 200 Wisdom
Plump Tofurby 50 Wisdom 200 Wisdom

30 Prospecting
30 Wisdom

45 Prospecting
390 Wisdom


25 Power
325 Wisdom

45 Prospecting
390 Wisdom

Minifoux 50 Wisdom 200 Wisdom
Wabbit 50 Wisdom 160 Wisdom
Goba Vett 30 Wisdom 40 Prospecting
Jumbow Meow 50 Wisdom 200 Wisdom


Changes to Golden Dragoturkeys

The Wisdom bonus for Golden Dragoturkeys has been replaced by a Critical Hits bonus.

Old Bonus
New Bonus
Golden Dragoturkey +40 Wisdom +8% CH
Almond and Golden Dragoturkey +25 Wisdom +5% CH
Golden and Ebony Dragoturkey +25 Wisdom +5% CH
Golden and Emerald Dragoturkey +25 Wisdom +5% CH
Golden and Indigo Dragoturkey +25 Wisdom +5% CH
Golden and Ivory Dragoturkey +25 Wisdom +5% CH
Golden and Orchid Dragoturkey +25 Wisdom +5% CH
Golden and Crimson Dragoturkey +25 Wisdom +5% CH
Golden and Ginger Dragoturkey +25 Wisdom +5% CH
Golden and Turquoise Dragoturkey +25 Wisdom +5% CH
Plum and Golden Dragoturkey +25 Wisdom +5% CH

Use of the XP modifier

Here's where the new effect will apply to modify the final experience received, as described at the start of this devblog.

Change to the Starter Pack wisdom trophy

Trophy Name Old Bonus New Bonus
Minor Expert +25 Wisdom Level 1 XP modifier


Changes to consumables

Old Bonus
New Bonus
Compensation Wisdom Candy +100 Wisdom +Level 4 XP modifier
Ultra-Powerful Red Candy +20 Wisdom
+10 Prospecting
+Level 1 XP modifier
+10 Prospecting
Kill Coos Shigekax +100 Wisdom
+100 Prospecting
+Level 4 XP modifier
+100 Prospecting
Wise Rebirth Candy +100 Wisdom +Level 4 XP modifier
Karnaval Doughnut +30 Wisdom +Level 1 XP modifier
Al Howin's Treat +30 Wisdom +Level 1 XP modifier
Formative Candy +100 Wisdom +Level 4 XP modifier
Kwismas Sweet +30 Wisdom
+30 Prospecting
+Level 1 XP modifier
+30 Prospecting
Expert Humbug +50 Wisdom +Level 2 XP modifier
Slightly Expert Humbug +25 Wisdom +Level 1 XP modifier
Bitter Shigekax +100 Wisdom +Level 4 XP modifier
Banana Shigekax +20 Wisdom +Level 1 XP modifier
Chocolate Shigekax +15 Wisdom
+15 Intelligence
+15 Chance
+15 Strength
+15 Agility
+15 Vitality
+15 Intelligence
+15 Chance
+15 Strength
+15 Agility
+50 Vitality
Praline Shigekax +30 Wisdom +Level 1 XP modifier
Serenity Sweet +25 Wisdom +Level 1 XP modifier


Changes to Blessings and Curses

Boost Name Old Bonus New Bonus
Old Friend +30 Wisdom
+100 Initiative
+Level 1 XP modifier
+100 Initiative
Serenity +25 Wisdom +Level 1 XP modifier
Backward -300 Initiative
-50 Wisdom
-300 Initiative
-Level 2 XP modifier
Old Enemy -30 Wisdom
-100 Initiative
-Level 1 XP modifier
-100 Initiative
Gambler's Fever -200 Initiative
-50 Wisdom
-200 Initiative
-Level 2 XP modifier
The Sarapox -50 Wisdom
-3 Range
-20 Critical Hits
-100 Initiative
-Level 2 XP modifier
-3 Range
-20 Critical Hits
-100 Initiative
Guilty Conscience +1 Prospecting
-30 Wisdom
+1 Prospecting
-Level 1 XP modifier
Knocked for Six -200 Initiative
-50 Wisdom
-200 Initiative
-Level 2 XP modifier
Senility -25 Wisdom -Level 1 XP modifier

But wait, there's more!

Three other elements are also affected by this change.

Change to the Dofus

The Cawwot Dofus
The Wisdom bonus provided by the Cawwot Dofus no longer seemed appropriate for a character at this level, for whom characteristics like Parry and Reduction are more secondary aspects of character optimization.

Therefore, we decided to replace these bonuses with more offensive characteristics that can be useful for any type of character, and that we felt would be a nice reward for all the effort you put into acquiring them (damn Wabbits…).

Item Name Old Bonus New Bonus
Cawwot Dofus +60 Wisdom +25 Strength
+25 Intelligence
+25 Chance
+25 Agility
+Level 1 XP modifier

In exchange, the level needed to equip the item has been increased to better align with the difficulty of obtaining it in the course of normal progression. The level for equipping this item has therefore been changed from level 6 to level 40.


As wisdom is no longer linked to progression, we have taken advantage of this change to balance the Dolmanax.

Item Name Old Bonus New Bonus
Dolmanax +50 Strength
+50 Intelligence
+50 Chance
+50 Agility
+60 Strength
+60 Intelligence
+60 Chance
+60 Agility
+60 Wisdom

Smithmagic Runes

Now that Wisdom is a characteristic whose optimization only affects combat and no longer has any impact on earned XP, the weight of the Smithmagic rune has been reduced from 3 to 1 to align with other characteristics like Agility, Strength, Chance and Intelligence.

As a result, it will be possible to reach a theoretical maximum of 101 Wisdom via Smithmagic.

Guild Perceptors

Perceptors will be seeing a number of changes in update 1.60. A non-exhaustive list of these changes can be found in the replay of the DOFUS Touch Ankama Live from August 3, 2023, and a full list will be provided in the Beta Changelog which will be published when the update is released.

Wisdom, which could previously be increased on Perceptors at a cost of 1 point invested for 1 Wisdom, has been replaced by Power, which will enable Perceptors to be more effective in combat, along with the other changes being made.

The maximum value that can be achieved for Power is the same as the current maximum for Wisdom, namely 400 points.


I invested all of my points in Wisdom. Will there be a way to recover my points?

Yes! All points invested in Wisdom, except for characteristic scrolls and consumables, will be refunded and can be reassigned however you like.

Why are Wisdom points invested with scrolls not being refunded?

Since points invested via scrolls or consumables are not subject to stat thresholds, they are not affected by this change, so it isn't necessary to refund them.

So does this mean my bonus pack won't help me with XP anymore?

Not to worry – BPs and EBPs will not be affected. They'll still give you huge advantages for leveling up.

My pet was modified, but doesn't have the new maximum bonus. Why not?

For Soul-Eater pets, the characteristic bonus will be updated with the new formula once the new threshold of monsters eaten has been reached. For those that feed on resources, you'll have to continue feeding them until they reach the new ceiling.

My hormone-treated pet's bonus isn't as high as the new bonuses. What can I do?

For certain pets, the bonus granted by the improvement potion has been increased. To get the new bonus, you'll have to give these pets a new improvement potion to benefit from the new ceiling value.

In Closing

We hope that this devblog has helped you to more clearly understand the future of the Wisdom characteristic and of your characters, but also to reassure you that the rate of your characters' in-game progression will be maintained.

Your generally enthusiastic feedback on the previous part of the devblog about Wisdom helped us to focus more precisely on everyone's expectations, needs and concerns, and we hope you'll approve of these changes.

We encourage you to test them out in the beta scheduled for later this month, and to share your feedback with us in the comments or on the Beta Discord.

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