To better stick to the Tablet environment, we want to dissociate opening the smileys interface and the chat interface. Here's the result!
Hello everyone!

I'm Mejin, and I am a new developer on the DOFUS Touch team. Some things I like are pizza, beer, and video games, of course. However, I hate nattō, caffeine and alarm clocks!

Formerly, I mainly developed PC applications, but I'm just as happy developing for tablets and phones. Developing video games has always been my dream.

Today, I'm going to present a little modification to you that I'm working on: adding smileys and emoticons next to the open chat button.

The current interface doesn't really fit in with a tablet design: you have to open chat to gain access to the smileys and emoticons button, and if your character is beneath the interface, you can't see them any more…

That's why we're adding a quick access button on the menu bar! This new development should be online in January.

What do you think of it? I hope you'll like it.