After the character creation screen, it's the Shop's interfaces' turn to get a complete overhaul. Yep! Although it's usually the Shop that lets you sharpen up your style, this time it's the Shop that's getting a makeover!
Until now, we found our Shop a tad austere, which is why we've brought in a few improvements. The program includes: some razzmatazz for Osamodas, among others! Some of the noteworthy changes are the return of the homepage, the bonus pack and goultine purchase page, not forgetting item previews and descriptions.


The homepage, elected as "Enutrofs' favorite page", shows our selection of current best offers. It's impossible to miss the great deals on your favorite pet or a promotion on the best-looking sets to show off your style!

Of course, promotions are also visible directly on items when browsing through categories.


When you see an item you like, you can find out more about it by selecting it. The screen that follows will let you find out more details: the full description, related promotions, or even the items you will receive when you buy.

A preview of your character with the items equipped is also displayed, so you can be sure that they'll go perfectly with your look of the moment. But try not to spend as much time there as Amalia when she adjusted her flower in front of the mirror…


This interface will let you focus on your active bonus packs and rapidly view the advantages that each of the different options offers. And if you don't like rainbow avalanches, please tell Jonquil, thanks!

The new Shop should soon be available in beta mode. What do you think of the changes that we want to bring to these interfaces? (Don't bother checking, they're not online yet!)

Spartadra, a stranger whom you should soon get to know…
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