The Closed Beta of DOFUS Touch starts tomorrow. In order to boost our beta testers' experience and to keep you informed of DOFUS Touch's ways and means, we would like to present to you the economic model that we are currently considering for the game.


Unlike its older sibling, DOFUS Touch won't offer any subscription service: the entirety of the game's content will be accessible directly to all players.
Moreover, you will have access to a Virtual Shop, offering:

  • cosmetic items,
  • consumables to increase the speed of your progression,
  • various services such as changing your name, sex, colors, etc…
  • as well as pets, petsmounts and emotes.

There, you will also find "packs" which will let you receive continual experience (for characters and professions) and prospecting bonuses, over defined periods of time. Initially, we are planning a 7-day pack as well as a 30-day pack.
We aren't planning to offer high value items or game resources in the shop. 


You know about Ogrines from the DOFUS MMO, a notion which is disappearing in DOFUS Touch. We're putting Goultines in their place.
Buyable only in euros, Goultines will allow you to acquire not only items from the shop, but also items available in-game (through Markets) thanks to a system inspired by the Kama Exchange. An exchange rate between Goultines and Kamas will therefore be automatically calculated and regularly updated.
By extension, you will also have the possibility of buying items from the shop in Kamas. The system hereby ensures a balance between kamas "generated" at Markets and those "destroyed" in the shop.
To sum up, what can be bought and how?

➜ In Euros, I can buy: Goultines.

➜ In Goultines, I can buy:
        ° items and services from the shop,
        ° bonus "packs",
        ° any other item available in-game (through the Markets), thanks to an automatic Goultine/kama conversion,
        where the "selling" player receives kamas.

➜ In kamas, I can buy:
        ° all items in the game,
        ° all items from the shop and bonus "packs".

With DOFUS Touch, we're seizing the opportunity to test a different economic model from DOFUS MMO. Certain points are still under consideration, so this format (applied to the closed beta) is likely to change before the game's official release.