For the Marketplace, we've placed the emphasis on:
  • accessibility: to be able to navigate to and from the Marketplace, everywhere that it might be practical;
  • efficient searching: by category or by text, to more quickly find an item on sale, in particular now that all the items are in a single Marketplace;
  • optimization of the available display area: to be able to see more items at the same time.


  1. Button to go back to a previous search
  2. Number of Goultines on your account, and kamas you're carrying
  3. Search field: you can enter all or part of an item's name
  4. Button to switch to "Sell My Items" mode
  5. Current category and item type. The list of categories will unfold again if you touch here
  6. Shortcut to item recipes
  7. List of the cheapest offers with their price in kamas and Goultines.


  • Access to item purchases: rapid access to the Marketplace through a new shortcut in the menu (represented by a golden kama). Now you no longer need to go to a particular location for it – you can do it anywhere!
  • More rapid access: from the recipe window, if you need an ingredient, you can quickly see if it's on sale and for what price. And the same goes for items missing from a set. Inversely, from an item's description in the Marketplace, you can access its recipes (which has been missing until now in DOFUS Touch).
  • The amount of Goultines on your account, as well as the amount of kamas you're carrying, are visible at the top left of the "purchases" section.
  • The item category list: corresponds more or less to the "Marketplace type" system in classic DOFUS. For example: "Resources", "Animals", and "Handyman". Touch a category to unfold all the types of items it contains. For example, the "Handyman" category shows "Magic Weapon", "Key", "Breeding Item", and "Prism".
  • Search by text: enter all or part of an item's name to display that object directly, or see categories that contain corresponding items.
  • Navigation: a new button allows you to go back to a previous search (category selection, text search).


  1. Number of items that you've put up for sale
  2. Button to display the Marketplace conditions
  3. Button to switch to "Purchasing" mode
  4. Shortcut to item recipes


  • Shortcut to put an item on sale from your inventory.
  • "Full screen" display: on a 960x600 Android, 40 items at a time on an inventory page, and 10 items at a time in the list of your "store stock" (up to 60 and 12, respectively, for 1024x768 resolutions, such as the iPad or larger Android tablets).


The Marketplaces are still visible on the map, and you can still speak with the NPC to open the interface or ask for explanations. Of course, now that all the item categories are available in one single Marketplace, you no longer have to move around.

We welcome your suggestions about what else the different Marketplaces and NPCs can offer.