Hello all!

We hope to charm you with DOFUS Touch: both the current DOFUS players and those that have stopped playing for one reason or another. In this new form, and on a new server, you'll get to rediscover the game! We hope you'll enjoy combing the Blop dungeon, and crafting even more magic hats while tucked cozy in bed, from your couch, the corner café, or even – why not – on the toilet!


But we're also expecting a flood of new players who are used to playing games on the tablet and who have rarely, or even never, heard of our game's universe and its gameplay mechanics. As we want to make it as easy as possible for them and a new tutorial seemed to us to be the best method, we've decided to add a companion who follows and helps the player throughout their first hours of gameplay.

Since we're all still absorbed in the DOFUS film's universe, choosing the identity of this new NPC seemed an obvious choice: it will be Joris who accompanies the neophytes!
In practice, it's an individual NPC (you won't see other players' "Joris") who will follow you so long as your level is lower than 50 and you stay in Incarnam. Don't worry: although he'll follow you from map to map, he won't be stuck on your heels the whole time.


When you tap on him (we're talking about tactile screens...), Joris will offer you advice adapted to your present situation. For example:

  • Can't find (or don't know about) the suns to change maps? He'll show you all of those present.
  • Don't know what to do? He'll show you where to find quests.
  • Have you died? He'll explain what the Phoenixes are and how to find the closest one.
We wanted to make him as "intelligent" as possible and to smooth out any rough edges that could trip up a beginning player who's not fond of reading (which is the case for a lot of mobile players). Of course, reading is an important part of DOFUS, but we wanted to make it so that a player who's used to lighter games wouldn't ragequit after 5 minutes because they missed some important information and got stuck. We wanted everyone to at least have the chance to explore Incarnam and get to know the basics mechanics of DOFUS' gameplay without difficulty.
We've already "taught" Joris a number of things thanks to the reactions of new players who tested the game, but we're sure we'll need to add more functions in the future after more feedback. And you, do you already have some ideas of what Joris should know how to do? Tell us about it!
However, first and foremost, despite all the assistance Joris will provide, it's you we're counting on to welcome the new players!