As we are adapting the various game interfaces to the tablet environment, we have a few modifications planned regarding dialog with NPCs and displaying chat bubbles; for more information, please keep reading!
Hi there, it's Kubicle, with news about the NPC dialog interface and the chat "speech bubble".


Instead of the old window, which wasn't very pretty, the NPC's messages will now appear in a speech bubble near the NPC. There will also be a zoom-in effect on the NPC (on limited-performance tablets, the effect will be less successful).

The different response options will appear at the bottom of the screen as large buttons. If there are more than 4 responses available, a horizontal scroll will let the player navigate between responses (in groups of 4).

Additionally, things, have been simplified: if the NPC's message doesn't require a response, it's displayed in a simple bubble, and the character can continue on their way right away.


Whenever a character on the same map sends you a chat message, it's currently displayed in a bubble – unless it's a private message or if the message is sent in a channel that is currently unselected in the chat.

The bubbles disappear after a short delay. But you can tap on a bubble to keep it from disappearing: it will keep being displayed until the next time the screen is tapped (whether on the bubble or elsewhere - for example, character movement).
We hope you like these changes!