Some curious folks have been asking who's hiding behind the scenes on the DOFUS Touch project: what valiant warriors (or foolhardy zealots) could charge in headfirst and slaughter this buglist? Here are the answers!
Hello all,

Now that DOFUS Touch has been introduced, it's time to introduce the people who work tirelessly every day to make it the best it can be! It's not an exhaustive list because we often need the help of colleagues from other teams; it's only the principal team – those who have been toiling away since the beginning (or almost) of the project to give you an excellent game!
First of all, a few words about our location. Yes, even if you already know the premises in Roubaix pretty well (some of you have even had the chance to come visit on certain occasions), the DOFUS Touch team doesn't work there. Not there, not even in the Nord department, and not even in France... the team's in Tokyo, Japan! Yup, although part of the team working on the project can be found in Roubaix, the production team is actually to be found at Wizcorp's premises. Meaning that my colleagues speak French, English, and Japanese.
Each one of them has written a little piece for you, which will help you to get to know them!

Hello, it's Kubicle. I've participated in the project since the start of its development, just after the validation of the first prototype. I started by organizing the tasks and software components, all while participating in the development. All the while, I had the chance to work on numerous functionalities: for example, the character creation interface, the Flash asset conversion, the digital mini-keyboard, the server protocol, the dynamic adaptation of interface sizes, etc.
On a more personal note, I like feeling the very first symptoms of the flu (the aches, for example, are great!)... I don't have a favorite animal (except maybe monkeys or dolphins), so instead here's the names of a few people I like: Desmond Morris, Milan Kundera, Philip K. Dick, Stanisław Lem, Daniel Kahneman, Malcolm Gladwell, Alain Bashung, Philippe Katerine, Will Oldham, Frank Black...

Hello, I'm Spartadra, an endearing warrior who, despite innumerable battles, doesn't have a single scar.
I've been a programmer on DOFUS Touch since the beginning of the project, and I've mostly handled native development. I've also contributed to the combat implementation, and more recently to certain interfaces, including the Shop.
Outside of DOFUS Touch development, sandals and armour, I've also got a fondness for other great classics like MMOs and animes. And the thing that makes me rage the most is the people who walk their dogs in little strollers. Unacceptable.

Hello to one and all! I'm Stk, and I'm a developer and musician. I was one of the first to have joined the DOFUS Touch team, and I've been working on the project for a little more than two years. I've been mostly working on the rendering system (map and character displays and animations), as well as on the game's audio engine.
I like retro video games, break dancing, time travel, music and cats.

I'm dTb, and I'm a big fan of turn-based video games and board games. I've been programming since my earliest childhood. I've been on the DOFUS Touch team for over a year and have especially worked on implementing spells, as well as on the character creation screen.
I like board games, tunnels, and the original Star Wars films.
I don't like people who don't put "I think that" in front of "it sucks", "it's awesome", or "you have to"; natto; and Star Wars films released after 1984.

My username is Génialo.
I work mostly on DOFUS Touch's rendering engine, the animation engine, and the system for converting Flash animations (into tablet-compatible format). Among other things, I try to get the highest visual quality possible while keeping performance up, all while keeping memory usage under control.
I like strawberries, mint-chocolate ice cream, taking naps (no, I'm not 4), and ice-skating. My favorite combination of pizza toppings is (and I know certain people will hate me for this - it's a sensitive subject): chicken, pineapple, and mozzarella. Oh yeah, I also love running naked through cemeteries, but that's just between us...

Hello all, I'm Nanashi, and I've been a developer for DOFUS Touch a long time now... more than a year and a half! I've developed quite a few screens since then. Crafting, exchanges, gifts, server selection, dragoturkey details window... Now I organize transmission of the game and updates to the server. 
I like video games (especially open worlds like Minecraft, Terraria, Fallout...), I'm passionate about cyberpunk literature (Gibson) and Tsutomu Nihei. I prefer dogs to cats.
I don't like cats, politics, and bones in my fish.

Hello, my name is Beub. I've been a DOFUS Touch developer for more than six months now. Unlike my colleagues, I only deal with the submerged part of the iceberg: server architecture and data management are my allies. I also help my colleagues when they have questions about the technology we use.
I like Belgian beer (but not tequila), cheese – except camembert – and wrestling. I prefer cats to dogs, but that doesn't keep me from getting along well with Nanashi!

Hello all! I'm Anska, the UI/UX Designer on the DOFUS Touch team in Tokyo.
I've been living and working in Japan for nearly 6 years now as a 2D/3D artist and UI/UX designer for Ankama & Wizcorp. 
I like games (video games, roleplaying, board games, TCG, eSports...), SF, and creating. I don't like reptiles, mornings, or taking the plane.

There you go! But... after all that, you don't know any more about me!

I'm Jonquille. Pleased to meet you! I'm the associate producer for DOFUS Touch. Which is a complicated way of saying that I make sure the project runs smoothly and I help the production team advance in the right direction, with the right information and the right tools. I'm also there to answer your most important requests, take the temperature, evaluate your feelings, each day, to be sure that everything's going well.
I like how fluid jellyfish are when they move, how smooth and fresh melon is in the summer, and raising Dragoturkeys makes my head spin! And don't bother serving me peas - I hate them. And if you prepared them in a place that was also infested with roaches... I'd prefer not to imagine it. I'm also very upset about my complete lack of luck in winning loot, but it seems that it's just an impression I have, not something programmed into the game!
Thanks to this devblog, you know a little more about us. Of course, there are other articles coming about future modifications to the game. Don't hesitate to give us your opinions; they help us move forward and make some of our decisions.