Treading the lands of the World of Twelve for the first time isn't necessarily easy for everyone... Thankfully, a handful of adventurers have decided to take the heroes of tomorrow under their wing!

And so was born the welcome guild project, put in place and tested since the start of January 2016 in the DOFUS Touch closed beta.

The idea is to group as many novice players as possible together in the same guilds so that they can:
  • quickly meet other brothers (and sisters) in arms,
  • help each other out in learning the game,
  • find an answer to all their questions.
A detail worth noting, just in case: welcome guilds are not intended in any way to provide new players with kamas or with equipment.

The follower NPC Joris will be the one who suggests the player join one of the welcome guilds. They can follow him blindly; he's trustworthy.

The idea is that these welcome guilds will be a temporary step for players. Once the recruits hit level 50, they must find their own path: joining another guild, or even create their own. It will surely be simultaneously wonderful and moving for the leaders and their helpers to watch their baby birds spread their wings and fly away. But they'll have to be strong and quickly dry their tears in order to welcome even more new adventurers.

In terms of organization, the welcome guilds will be supervised by their leaders in collaboration with the community management team. It's a true community project! As well as the leader's assistants, certain players will be able to decide to themselves stay in the guild to help out in turn. That will be at the discretion of the leaders, of course, but it's important that the guild doesn't end up with dozens of "permanent members": otherwise it loses its purpose.

Other than a privileged level of communication with the CM team (which is obviously and objectively the best thing you'll ever receive in a game), the guilds will have certain other advantages. For example, this reserved part of the official forums and, for the leaders, exclusive titles in-game. SO LUCKY!

So now you can feel reassured: you know that your first visit to the World of Twelve (and all the ones that follow) will be absolutely unforgettable!