As promised in the last devblog , here is more information about the breeding interface revamp.
Breeding interface revamp

Simplified selection and visualization

We have made it easier to select and visualize the details of the "active"* dragoturkey, and have simplified the multi-selection process as well.
Here active means currently selected in the interface, whether in the barn , in the paddock or certificate.

  • A simple tap anywhere on the MiniCard selects this dragoturkey and its details are displayed – it is no longer necessary to "aim" at the image. To display the details of another dragoturkey, all it takes is another simple tap on the MiniCard – and the first dragoturkey is deselected.
  • Tapping on the active dragoturkey again (or tapping twice in rapid succession on a dragoturkey that isn't active yet) activates the "multi-selection" mode. A "select all" button also exists.
  • When the multi-selection mode is active, a simple tap on a MiniCard is all it takes to add or remove it from the current selection. For example, it is possible to select 3 cards with only 4 taps (2 + 1 + 1)

A permanent "equipped dragoturkey" zone (bottom left hand of screen) is now displayed, instead of two left-hand tabs "Active" and "Equipped", which made the interface more complicated – for example, the automatic toggling between the two tabs could sometimes be confusing, and the equipped dragoturkey wasn't as easy to find. Breeders who are familiar with DOFUS will notice that this is, in fact, a return to the previous operating mode.

Breeding interface revamp

MiniCard: more information

MiniCard 1
Example 1
MiniCard 2
Example 2
  • The Endurance, Maturity, and Love indicators, as well as the Serenity gauge, now appear on the MiniCard, so players won't have to select each dracoturkey in order to see its detailed description.
  • The colored dot (red, green, or cyan) has now been replaced by a lighter icon, which uses the same symbols found on the detailed description card (for example, scissors for a sterile dragoturkey).

Now that the MiniCards are larger,  the number of MiniCards that are visible on the screen at the same time has, of course, been reduced, which allows players to avoid having to scroll down to see them. We felt that improving the game was worth all the effort; let us know what you think!

Certificates: loaded instantly

Certificates are now loaded instantly: up until now they would appear progressively, because the details of each dragoturkey had to be loaded from the server. These details are now only loaded as necessary, for example if filtering or sorting have been activated on the certificates.
The validity and the owners' name can now be seen (a long tap on the MiniCard reveals the owner's name).


Detailed description V2.1

We have also taken into account some of your suggestions, and we've made a few small improvements to the detailed description.  Thanks again to all of you, and keep sending us feedback and suggestions.

Detailed description 2.1


  • The energy gauge has been included in the "Characteristics" tab, which contains information concerning roleplaying and fighting (but not breeding).
  • The "Mount/Dismount" button on one's mount can now be found at the top of the card, where it has replaced the "Mountable" indicator when the action of mounting or dismounting is allowed.

In addition to these main changes, there are several minor improvements that I won't mention here, but which you will certainly notice as you play... These improvements will arrive in the game between now and the end of September!