With the imminent arrival of Dofus Touch Early, our Beta build, it was more than time to tell you more about the re-structuring of the celestial island, the introduction of lairs, and the new sets that come with them. It’s also a good opportunity to talk about the future of lairs in the World of Twelve.

The work we’ve done on Incarnam isn’t exactly a revamp of the area, but more of an improvement. We wanted to make the celestial island more accessible and easier to understand for new players.

To make Incarnam an area with simplified mechanics where it would be easier to find your way around, we reduced the size of it by taking off all the islands around the edge of it. It wasn’t very easy for a player following their quest objectives to find a direct path. You sometimes would have to get around gaps or make detours in order to find THE one bridge that would take you to your objective.

We’ve got rid of the detours and the isolated chunks of paths across a map that made you backpedal to get from one side to the other of the lake.

The main island is now split into 5 separate sub-zones.

Visually, we typed each part of the celestial island so that, with one look at the map, you’d know where you were, even without roaming monsters. In the Gobball area, the place is littered with all kinds of half-eaten items. Those Gobballs are as greedy as ever! The Tofus are continuing to spread through the fields. The forest Boars seem to enjoy the autumnal colours of the grass. The lake... well that hasn’t changed, but it looks as though Piwis have taken over this territory.

To get to the dungeon, you’ll have to make your way through the Arachnee webs, as these giant spiders have been quick to mark their territory.

The Incarnam cemetery however is no longer with us... RIP.

Welcome to new Incarnam!

So you've probably got the picture, each of these monster families – the Gobballs, the Tofus, the Piwis, the Boars and the Arachnees – have each got themselves a territory in Incarnam.

Each monster family corresponds to a different level range:

  • So, from levels 1 to 10, the mellow meadow of the Gobballs is made for you.
  • From levels 11 to 20, the Tofus will welcome you with open wings... or not.
  • From levels 21 to 30, the Piwis will perhaps try to shove you in the lake’s whirlpool.
  • From levels 31 to 40, the Boars will love the opportunity to sharpen their tusks on your thighs.
  • And the Swamp, where mischievous Arachnees, will wait for you to fall into their web, from levels 41 to 50.

You just need to follow the quests once you leave the temple to explore these areas one after another.

The way the dungeon rooms is laid out has been rehauled to better suit this new population. Snoowolf has managed to resist the invaders and is still the boss of the place. This fight to maintain control of his dungeon has toughened him up considerably, so don’t visit unless you’re well prepared!


The Ouginaks have been here

Although they wanted to keep it all hush hush when building them, new and old adventurers alike will most certainly have heard of these new fighting areas constructed of gnawed bones which they like to call Lairs. These are challenge zones where only the brave come to prove their worth in the face of a formidable foe. These foes are none other than the guardians of these lairs. These guardians are the most powerful monsters from their Incarnam family. It is the Ouginak Amber Ninac who is in charge of making sure that fights run smoothly in the lairs. The first time that you speak to her on the way into a lair, she’ll give you a badge box which allows you to access the island’s lairs.

In each sub-area, a lair has been built. Each features two guardians. The dark guardian is the most approachable. The celestial guardian will give you more trouble, but if you do brave them, there’s a chance of them dropping items from a set.

These two monsters will also earn you key fragments for getting into the Incarnam Dungeon. You’ll need to go round the lairs and collect 5 different key fragments to get into the Snoowolf’s Lair.

You’ll be alone when you go up against these guardians; you won’t be able to call friends to your aid. And if you fail, you’ll need to be patient and wait before you can face the guardian again. Amber thinks that if you fail, it’s because you need more training before you come back. So you’ll have to wait a day before she’ll let you have another go.

Outside the Boar's Lair
Inside the Boar's Lair

A lair is a challenge, but also a place for learning The new player will learn the various different ways of fighting and the strategies they should adopt. Each lair in Incarnam has a different gameplay mechanic so you can gradually get used to them and their diversity.


  •  In the Gobball lair, you’ll learn the most basic skills such as hitting and surviving.
  • The Tofus will show you the joys of running after your opponent. They’ll also teach you the principles of how to Dodge and how to Lock.
  • As for the Piwis, you’ll have to change your attack tactics to get by their defences. By battling them, you’ll learn the importance of Resistances and Elementary Weaknesses (my dear Watson).
  • Good positioning is the key to surviving the Boars. You’ll also learn, probably to your cost, the way that various pushback (knockback) spells work and the damage that they deal. You’ll also have to rethink your character positioning if you don’t want to take too many hits.
  • Finally, the Arachnees will finish your training in the basics of the game by launching all sorts of debuffs and penalties at you. You’ll need plenty of courage and a solid run to get through all this. But we have total faith in you!


Celestial mode

Each of the celestial guardians has a set that you’ll have a chance of getting. But it’ll be over their dead bodies if you want it.

These sets allow you to upgrade, no matter how few kamas are in your purse. The only thing you’ll need is determination to win through and get every piece.

The aim of these sets isn’t to make you the most powerful of warriors, but to allow all of you to upgrade to gear appropriate to your level.

Gone are the days when you’d get to level 40 as naked of armour as a newborn babe!

Each of these sets gives you bonuses that correspond to their guardian as well as general characteristics such as Power and Vitality. That way nobody will be getting jealous!

The future of Lai​rs​​​​​​

Perhaps one day there'll be lairs right across the World of Twelve. But not by tomorrow, there's work to be done.

Scarcely were the lairs of Incarnam completed before the Ouginaks got to work on building new lairs around Astrub. Word on the street is that they wanted to adapt their training grounds to every place in the world whose inhabitants they deemed tough enough.  Who knows where the next lairs could be built

While you wait to find out more about what they intend, we’d love to hear your first impressions. So head over to DOFUS Touch Early (Beta), which opens at the end of June, if you were one of the lucky few who got selected!

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