The next in-game event will coincide with the introduction of a new reward system, which we touched on in Missive #7: reward chests that you can open yourself!

Why chests?

Previously, rewards for the various events organized by our very own [Nyom] were sent directly to your accounts several days after the event ended. While this system works, we're not entirely happy with it and it isn't perfect, as you've probably noticed on a few occasions.

How nice will it feel to open your own gift? Nobody wants to wake up on Christmas Day only to see their presents already unwrapped. For every event, you've given it your all in completing the objectives, and that's another reason we wanted to show our thanks by making changes to this reward system.

Also, many of you rightly complained about how difficult it was to track your progress throughout these activities. This will no longer be an issue!


One chest for all, and all for one chest!

This new reward system we'd like to offer will allow you to immediately collect the rewards you've earned, even while the event is still on-going.

Each completed objective will award you with bound quest items, allowing you to more easily tally how many opponents you've beaten or resources you've collected. No more old post-it notes and misplaced notebooks you were using to keep count!

As you learned from the last missive, rewards will be divided among several chests, each corresponding to a difficulty level for the event. For everyone to enjoy these events, regardless of level, it's important to offer various objectives that each unlock a reward on completion. The least experienced players will at least walk away with the smallest chest, while advanced players will be able to open all the chests and collect all possible rewards.

And because there are worse things than being vain, you can also show off your new pet, title, or maybe a new shield from a completed objective, making you the envy of your lesser peers!

Where do you find these chests, and how are they opened?

Except in the case of special events (like the one being presented tomorrow, but shhhh), chests you can open to collect rewards will be located in the Amakna Castle entrance at [4,-6], secured by a King's guard.

A chest can only be opened if you have the minimum number of items required, and it will only open once per event. Each chest will require a different item, and opening one chest won't slow your progress or prevent you from opening another one.

Likewise, it will be entirely possible to start by opening the biggest chest before moving on to the smaller ones. You're free to choose the order based on your preferences.

For special events, you'll learn the location of the chests from the community manager's announcements related to the particular event, so keep an eye out!

Please give us your feedback and opinions on this system in the comments section or on our official Discord server, either about the concept itself or how it will be applied in the game. This was designed with you in mind, and so your thoughts are certainly valuable to us!

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