A new category will appear in the in-game Shop as part of this week's update. Read on for the details!

The Prestige category will be added to the in-game Shop on Wednesday, December 6th, following the maintenance. This will only offer items payable with Goultines or real currency for the Goultine packs, and the new starter pack.

A Prestige item will always have an equivalent item with the same bonuses available in the regular Shop. This category is meant for collectors more than anyone else, but it won't give them an advantage over other players.

For example, the Shushivin will make its debut tomorrow in the Prestige category, which would be equivalent to the Livitinem, Parasymbic, and Alyverol living sets.

All services (change of colors, name etc.) will switch to this new category and will therefore be only available in Goultines as they provide comfort of play.

We understand that these changes represent a great change, but they are necessary to ensure that the quality of the services we provide does not suffer.


Q: What types of items can be purchased in this category?
A: To start, we plan to offer ornaments, emotes, mounts, pets and sets.

Q: Will the items in this new category rotate weekly? 
A: At the moment, all items in the Prestige category will remain there. There will be an exception for seasonal items (Kwismas, Al Howin, Pwak etc.) to be sold for a certain period of time.

Q: Will it be possible to exchange these items?
A: No, they will be linked to the account to retain their exclusivity and value (services included).

Q: Can we expect new items in the future?
A: Yes, new items will be added as we roll out new updates.

Q: Will players who purchase these items become overpowered?
A: No, the items available in the Prestige category will be primarily aesthetic since they have an equivalent version available in kamas.

As for the services, they don't provide any advantage at all as they only give comfort of play, and decorative customization. 

We don't want to move toward a system of a more "aggressive" monetization that would force players to shell out money to play and advance in the game. 

All DOFUS Touch content will remain freely available for everyone.

Q: Would this new category have an impact on the kamas-goultines rate of the Shop and the Market?
A: No, the Prestige category will have no effect on the kamas-goultines rate since the transactions are treated separately from those of the rest of the Shop.

We'd love to hear any comments or questions you might have after reading this article!

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