For the main summer update, we plan to add Guild Announcements, which will improve communications within guilds and also with non-guild players! We tell you more about it in this devblog.

Guild Announcements: What are they?

With the Stubbyob update presented in Missive #11, the leaders and seconds in command of each guild will now be able to set up three types of announcements:

  • Official presentation: 500-word text allowing you to present your guild to the general public. This will be displayed on your guild page in the game.
  • Message of the day: 200-word text reserved for guild members. This will be displayed on the guild's chat channel when logged on or whenever the message is changed.
  • Internal message: 500-word text reserved for guild members. This will be displayed on the guild's new "Announcements" tab.

How the Guild Interface Works


The "Customization" tab allowing players to change the perceptors has been removed. A "Customization" button has replaced it under the "Perceptors" tab.

In its place, a new "Announcements" tab is available to manage the different announcements.

All you have to do is click on the pen icon to edit the announcement.

URLs may not be used in guild announcements.



Is a guild announcement mandatory?

The announcement space may be left empty if you do not wish to use it. If this is the case, no message will be displayed on the discussion interface after you log onto the game.

Why not require a specific permission for authorizing edits to guild announcements?

We think managing current permissions is tricky enough as it is (it's a rather complex business that would really needs to be overhauled), and we're trying not to add any new permissions unless it's absolutely necessary.

Why not have the same system for Alliances?

If this feature meets the community's needs, we will consider the possibility of adding it to the alliance system.
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