We're going to take advantage of the Al Howin update to add a new event NPC to the game. This NPC will allow you to obtain exclusive items linked to the Game Masters, who will showcase the roleplay community.


The Shariva Merchant

The Shariva Merchant is a new NPC that will be located in the Krosmaster House at [5,3].

This atypical merchant has a passion for anything out of the ordinary, which drove him – and still drives him – to travel the World of Twelve, observing legends in the making, sometimes grabbing up a few trifles in the wake of major events. In this way, he gets ahold of many items with sometimes rather peculiar characteristics…

However, he's not an avid collector, quite the opposite. The only things that seem to hold his interest for long are Sharivakens. Rumor has it that he's offering a reward…

In any case, he'll soon be posted often in this house in the heart of the Amaknian countryside, determined to collect Sharivakens from adventurers. But sometimes he'll head out on adventures, so don't be surprised if you stop seeing him next the statue that so faithfully represents Shariva.

How this Merchant Works

This merchant will have a shop devoted entirely to events. He will notably stock spell capsules, which let you use spells outside combat to see their visual effect, sweets, and other exclusive items in Shariva's image.

We plan on adding content that can be bought from this merchant, notably other brand new rewards that can only be obtained from him, such as the shield.

Obtaining Sharivakens

Sharivakens can be obtained in different ways, which were set up so that everyone has a chance to get them and use them.

It will notably be possible to be credited Sharivakens when participating in contests put on by Ankama staff, events by Game Masters, or community events (for ex., [Vulkania, Crocabulia, and the Outcasts]).

The Game Masters will be the main source of Sharivakens. This currency is linked to them and their stories. It's no use trying to bribe them, though: They can't be bought!

Shariva background


We want to keep rewarding players who get involved in event content organized by the staff, Game Masters, and other players even more.

With the inclusion of the Shariva Merchant, we want to invite players to get interested in another aspect of the game and share it with others, while showcasing the work of those who take the time to organize in-game events and experiences.

Q & A


Why are prices so high?

We set prices that, in our opinion, are quite affordable for players who invest a minimum in participating in and creating experiences. Smaller rewards are there for players who do not want to invest in creating experiences over the long term.

How many Sharivakens can you earn by participating in an event?

The number of tokens to earn is up to the staff and Game Masters.

Can tokens be transferred from one server to another?

Yes, in one specific situation: If you have Sharivakens on another server in sufficient number to make a purchase of more than 25 Sharivakens on your game server, you can contact a Game Master, who can do the transfer for you. Thus, the Sharivakens earned on server X will be transferred to server Y.

In order to avoid being overloaded, the Game Masters will not accept any requests that don't comply with this condition.

Are you going to add more items?

Yes! The Shariva Merchant is a nomad and he might even make some new finds soon.

Can we sell items we obtained from the Shariva Merchant?

No. All items are linked to the account.

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