1. Eniripsa Class

  • The Regenerating Word spell now works again during its second turn of effects.

2. Pandawa Class

  • The Vulnerability spell sometimes didn't work every turn; this issue has been fixed.

3. Xelor Class

  • The Stimulated state provided by the Devotion spell now lasts three turns.

4. Masqueraider Class

  • The Masqueraider's posture when using classic masks has been fixed when the option to hide mounts in combat is turned on.

5. Interfaces

  • The counter for the next available daily missions is now displayed correctly.

6. Combat

  • Using healing consumables during the preparation phase of a challenge is no longer canceled once the fight is over.

7. Miscellaneous

  • Some daily missions with objectives that didn't work have been replaced or removed.
  • Abandoned houses and paddocks will progressively be put back up for sale after maintenance. More info here.