DOFUS Touch Update 1.53 is available now. Come and check it out!
DOFUS Touch has cleared your path, using a machete, to a lost territory. A forgotten one. Move aside the last few branches and, should you decide to venture there, always bear in mind that despite its trappings and its beauty, nature is often dangerous. And if you run into Damadrya the forester, be sure to ask her what in the world happened to her…

This brand new zone includes:

  • Over 30 new maps to explore
  • A new level-200 monster family
  • A new dungeon and its guardian
  • New achievements and quests
  • New daily missions
  • A new set and a new Dofus
  • And other surprises for the curious among you!

The in-game World of Twelve map has changed accordingly.

So log in to the game now to check out DOFUS Touch Update 1.53, Plantala: The Roots of Evil!