Here is a list of the changes made in the game on Tuesday, December 7, 2021, in version 1.53.1.

1. Kwismas Island

  • The Kwismas event island is now accessible in the game.

2. Damage Preview

  • When a spell that is supposed to inflict damage drops to "0" damage, the preview now shows it (nothing was shown before).
  • The preview now works when an Osamodas uses the Whip and Martyr spells. Other similar cases were fixed at the same time.
  • The preview now works when a Sadida uses the Manifold Bramble spell.

3. Monsters

  • Damadrya's Energy Drain spell has been fixed and no longer applies a penalty on Bad Seeds.
  • During the fight against Immature Korriander, the Cocoon the player summons now correctly skips its turn. The Cocoon is no longer shown in the combat timeline.
  • The Trooligan the Bulldogg archmonster's level and stats have changed. This monster no longer attacks the player.

4. Quests

  • The quest fight against the Corruption Manifestation has been fixed, and the player no longer fights a random number of monsters.
  • In this same fight, these monsters' stats and Bone Fragility spell have changed to simplify the fight.
  • The NPC Hahakigami refused to talk to the player if they had equipped some equipment that had nothing to do with what was asked for. This issue has been fixed.

5. Miscellaneous

  • As originally planned, the Dhrellthat and Charming Tofu pets can now be fed the following monsters: Weirbwork, Burnabwork, Mabwork, and Megabwork.
  • The drop rate for the Koalak Rider Skin resource has increased.
  • The Weegle Owl ceremonial pet has increased in size.
  • Abandoned houses and paddocks will progressively be put back up for sale after maintenance. More info here.