DOFUS Touch Update 1.55 is available now. Come check it out!

If you're the Iop type, go ahead and play, you crazy kid… But if you're the type who wants to know what you're getting into before you break down the door to a dungeon teeming with bworks, then you'll definitely appreciate what follows! 

The At the Heart of the Legend update has loads of surprises in store, including:

  • Legendary Weapons,
  • Balancing of several classes, including:
    • Ecaflip,
    • Enutrof,
    • Iop,
    • and four others…
  • Changes to smithmagic runes,
  • New daily missions,
  • … and lots of other cool stuff besides!

Check out the full details of the update in the Details tab of this changelog.


You can also read the devblogs explaining the biggest changes in this update: 

Log in to the game now to check out "At the Heart of the Legend", Update 1.55 for DOFUS Touch!