Here is a list of the changes made to the game on Tuesday, October 4, 2022, in version 1.56.4.

1. Cra Class

  • The Explosive Arrow can no longer reveal invisible entities.

2. Feca Class

  • The animations for various spells have been fixed.

3. Pandawa Class

  • The range of the Karcham spell has been fixed (in some cases, it was incorrectly limited to a range of one cell).
  • The description of the Liqueur spell has been corrected.

4. Miscellaneous

  • A first patch has been deployed to prevent monsters from passing their turn without doing anything.
  • Accounts without the Elite Bonus Pack can no longer stay in the Premium House. Affected accounts have been evicted.
  • The Catalyst item from the shop can be used normally again.
  • Abandoned houses and paddocks will gradually be back up for sale after maintenance. More info here.