• There are two types of professions: harvesting and crafting.
  • Your character can learn up to 3 different professions, and three specialisations.
  • Choosing the right combinations of different professions can be very practical for obtaining your own raw materials.


Professions are a good way to get kamas (the money used in the world of DOFUS), especially for novices. Professions in DOFUS are split into two categories: harvesting and crafting.


Harvesting professions let you collect raw materials in the World of Twelve. For example, a lumberjack chops wood and a farmer reaps cereals. To harvest a resource, you don't need any special tools. Simply touch the resource you want to collect (here for example, wheat) and, if necessary, select the appropriate action (reap for a farmer, chop for a lumberjack...).
Nonetheless, these professions include a little bit of crafting (which consists of crafting new items from resources). For example, a lumberjack can make planks, and a farmer can prepare flour. To do so, go to your profession's workshop and interact with the corresponding machine (for example, the Farmers' Workshop).

You'll find your recipes under the "Professions" tab, by touching the profession that you're interested in. These professions cost nothing – besides patience – to take up, and the resources collected are very useful for other professions, so they're easy to sell! Which is ideal for a novice character.


 Crafting professions allow you to create items. For example, tailors can craft various cloaks and headgear! These professions require greater investment to progress, in time as well as kamas, but they allow you to create more powerful items over time. Just as for harvesting professions, you'll need to look up your recipes under the "Professions" tab.
To craft an item, go to your workshop and follow the recipe!


To learn a profession, talk to the corresponding NPC, who will start your training. Here are the positions where you can learn the various professions:

  • Farmer: [7,-25]; [5,6]; [3,3] in Incarnam

  • Baker: [2,-16]; [3,0]

  • Lumberjack: [4, 8]; [1, -25]; [3,3] in Incarnam

  • Miner: [1,-20]; [-2,-3]

  • Hunter: [1, 18]; [2, -24]

  • Butcher: [0, -15]; [-29,-32]

  • Fisherman: [9,0]; [1,-17]; [3,3] in Incarnam

  • Fishmonger: [2, -17]; [14, 26]

  • Alchemist: [5,-20] (quest); [3,3] in Incarnam

  • Handyman: [-27,-59]; [-28,35]

  • Jeweller: [0,2]; [5,-16]

  • Shoemaker: [5,1]

  • Tailor: own a Tailor's Manual

  • Carver: [3,-20]; [3,12]

  • Blacksmith: [6,-18]; [-1,2]

  • Shield Smith: [26, -35]

Get ready, there's work to be done!