In a fight, there are several very important things:
  • The number of AP (Action Points): displayed in the blue circle
  • The number of MP (Movement Points): displayed in the green circle
  • The number of HP (Health Points): displayed in the red heart


In a fight, there are several very important things:

  • The number of AP (Action Points): displayed in the blue circle

  • The number of MP (Movement Points): displayed in the green circle

  • The number of HP (Health Points): displayed in the red heart

Your AP let you cast spells or attack with your weapon during a fight. Each spell costs a certain number of AP. You can't use a spell that costs more AP than you currently have in store. Your MP indicate the number of cells you can move. Without MP, you won't be able to move. The number of HP is very important. If it goes down to 0, your character dies.


First of all, touch a group of monsters and then "Attack" in order to start combat. Place your character by touching the available cells of your colour (you can find out your color by looking at the cell your character is already on). Whenever you're ready, tap on "Ready".Thanks to the timeline, where the portraits of monsters and characters are displayed, you can find out which ally or enemy will be the next to play and adapt your strategy accordingly.
Tip: you can move or reduce the timeline however you want on your tablet's screen.
When your turn starts, an orange gauge will appear above your spell bar as well as on your character's card in the timeline. This gauge shows the time you have left to move around and cast spells. In your combat timeline, an "End of Turn" button lets you end your turn when you've finished your actions (very recommended, as it keeps fights from stretching on needlessly).


As well as the AP needed to use them, some other characteristics must be taken into account to use spells:

  • The RA (Range): indicates the minimum and maximum range (in number of cells) of the spell.

  • The LoS (Line of Sight): indicates whether or not the spell can be cast through obstacles (scenery and characters).

  • The Area of Effect: certain spells only target one cell, while others target cross-shaped or circle areas, far from or around the caster, and others even affect everyone in combat.

  • The number of casts per turn: indicates how many times you can use that specific spell each turn.

  • The recast interval: indicates the minimum number of turns you must wait before you can recast that specific spell.

You can organise your spells however you want in the shortcut bar at the bottom-middle of the interface. To add a spell, open the "Spells" tab and slide the spell you want into the chosen cell. To remove a spell or change its location, touch the green padlock on your spell bar. Then move the icons by dragging and dropping them wherever you want.
To cast a spell during combat, nothing could be simpler: drag the spell you want to use from your shortcut bar to the target. The target must be within the chosen spell's range (in blue) and cannot be behind an obstacle if the spell requires line of sight.
Tip: You can add spell bars which will be visible in combat by going to the Game Options.


You can also complete certain objectives during battles which are called Challenges. They could, for example, require that you defeat all your enemies in melee combat, or to not use one of the spell elements, or to finish off the enemies in a defined order. If you complete the challenges, you'll receive an experience and loot bonus at the end of the fight.


In order to establish a common strategy which will lead you to victory, it's important to communicate well with your teammates. In order to do that, there's not only a chat that lets you speak with your team or your enemies, but also a "rapid text" button that lets you direct your teammates and quickly indicate your plans on the map.
To learn more about the social interfaces, consult the tutorial: click here.


At the end of combat you'll gain experience, more commonly called "XP". This experience lets you level up and become stronger and stronger. There are multiple ways of gaining even more experience from combat:
When a group of monsters hasn't been attacked in a certain period of time, bonus stars appear and an experience bonus of up to 200%. Each orange star gives a 20% bonus and red stars give 40%. Consider choosing monsters to fight based on these bonuses and about heading to less frequented areas in the game.
Combat challenges give experience bonuses depending on their difficulty. These bonuses are immediately calculated and displayed when the battle is started.
If you have one or more characters on the same account who are higher in level than the character you're currently playing with, you'll also get an extra experience bonus, according to the following rules:
- 1 higher-leveled character: 100% bonus (2x XP).
- 2 higher-leveled characters: 200% bonus (3x XP).
- 3 or more higher-leveled characters: 300% bonus (4x XP).
Your character's Wisdom, which can be increased with characteristic points gained at each level up or with equipped items, also lets you gain more experience points at the end of fights, as well as maximizing your Dodge and ability to reduce Action Points and Movement Points.


Once you've defeated all the opposing monsters, you'll win loot: the higher your Prospecting, the more likely you are to win items.
To increase your Prospecting, you can equip your character with items that give Prospecting bonuses. Putting characteristic points into Chance will also influence Prospecting: 10 Chance points increase your Prospecting by 1.
Just like the experience bonuses, you can also increase the loot at the end of the fight by completing challenges.


Dying doesn't have any real effect on your character if your team wins the fight. You'll come out victorious, having lost nothing but easy-to-replace HP. However, any defeated characters on the team will lose energy points. When your energy bar hits 0, your character will reappear in a cemetery as a ghost, and you'll have to float your way to a Phoenix statue to be revived. You can also use consumables like certain candies, breads, or fish to regain energy.  Whenever you're disconnected, your character can rest and will passively regain energy.