Mimisymbics are useable items that allow you to add the appearance of one piece of equipment to the characteristics of another piece of equipment. This new type of item gives players the opportunity to finally wear those cute items purchased in the Shop without sacrificing their stats. You won’t have to use quick-equip slots to swap between being cute and being battle-ready; you can choose the look that suits you, even when fighting.

How it works

When you activate a Mimisymbic, a special interface will pop up, allowing you to combine two equipment items of the same type to make a new item with the sprite of the first and the stats of the second.
For example, if you want to give a Toady look to your Missiz Freezz' Helmet, you will need to activate your Mimisymbic, choose your Toady hat as the skin and Missiz Freezz' Helmet for the final object (meaning that when worn, this new merged item will have the stats of the Missiz Freezz' Helmet).

When you “feed” an item’s sprite to change how another item looks, that item is destroyed forever. In the example above, the Toady hat used to re-skin Missiz Freezz' Helmet will be no more. In short: don’t use your +1 MP Gelano to re-skin your Awmigawd Band!
You can re-skin the same item more than once. For example, you can rotate your Sulik’s appearance every day if you want. Monday it can look like a Dora Bora, Tuesday it can change to an Kanniball Mask, Wednesday a Jellix Crown, Thursday back to Dora, if you have two, etc...

Conditions and Limitations

Mimisymbics work with boots, hats, capes, backpacks, weapons, shields, belts, amulets, and rings. You cannot mix item skins with different types of items. For example, you can’t give a hammer the skin from a pair of boots.

As mentioned above, items used to skin another item with a Mimisymbic are destroyed in the process, but it is possible to return the skinned item back to its original state, before it was modified by the Mimisymbic.

For example, you can give a Ceremonial Cape the skin of a Gobball Cape, then later, remove the Mimisymbic and return the Ceremonial Cape to its original form.

Also, it will not be possible to skin a lower-level item with a higher-level item. This helps to maintain consistency between the appearance of equipment and their difficulty in obtaining and equipping them.
For example, you can make Count Harebourg's Hat look like a Gobball Headgear, but you can’t make a Gobball Headgear look like Count Harebourg's Hat, because Count Harebourg's Hat is level 200 and a Gobball Headgear is level 10.

Similarly, it will not be possible to associate the skin of an item that cannot be equipped without an Achievement or a particular PvP rank with another item. We are investigating to see if it might be possible to transfer these types of conditions to the final re-skinned item.

Alliance shield and Guild shields are also prohibited, because of their special requirements which are necessary to give them their skin (namely that you must be in an alliance or guild, respectively). These shields cannot be used with a Mimisymbic.
Mimisymbics are linked to the account like other items purchased from the Shop. 

When used to re-skin an unlinked item, they apply the linked status to the re-skinned item for 3 months. It is necessary to wait until the end of this period before being able to resell the re-skinned item. It is possible to resell the re-skinned item before the end of the 3 months by destroying the Mimisymbic.
For example: You use your Chapony to re-skin your Solomonk. Your Solomonk will then be linked to your account. If you destroy the Mimisymbic associated with the Solomonk the next day, it will return to its original appearance and will no longer be linked to your account.

Where can you get Mimisymbics?

Mimisymbics can be purchased with Goultines in the Shop and are permanently linked to the account.

* The UI text in the screenshots hasn't been translated yet but will be in time of the update.