Dofus Touch The Me Hearty Party Is Back! Event - September 19, 2023

Is your neighbor acting all boorish? Are your kids spending all day saying things they probably shouldn't? Has your other half stopped brushing their teeth? Don't hold it against them, as they're just continuing the tradition! It will soon be time for Me Hearty Party again in the World of Twelve. You might as well get on board too!

He's at it again. The god Iop is inviting you back for another round of his merciless Abyss Joust! The DOFUS Touch inter-server tournament will soon be returning for a third edition. Register now!

It's been 7 years since the World of Twelve became accessible with a touch of your finger! 7 years of wild adventures and quests completed. 7 years of failures too, though always followed by the drive to get back up and try again, over and over if needed. 7 years should be celebrated, right??

Goultines are back in this 25th rotation of Ascension Island. Climb the ranks to claim them! See what's new in this latest edition!
The second edition of the Betaverse is on! From Thursday, 17 August at 5:00 PM (Paris Time) until Monday, 21 August at 11:59 PM (Paris Time), form a team with the new Group Search feature and join the adventure! If you won't do it for yourself, do it for Captain Amakna!
Dofus Touch Get +50% Profession XP! Event - August 10, 2023

At a time when most people are hanging up their shovels, hammers, and scythes to enjoy a few days of well-deserved rest, how would you like to give your profession experience counter a little boost? On August 14 and 15, enjoy a 50% bonus for professions!

Do you think it's a bit hot? It's just the right temperature… for a dungeon rusher! From July 19 to August 2, go back to the Archipelago of Vulkania, duke it out with Grozilla and Grasmera, and walk away with a sizzler of a shield.

The Krosmic calendar is overflowing with important events. Some of them are rather comical, often bordering on the ridiculous. The Taking of the Pastille is one such occasion and proof that anything can be a pretext for a party. And an excuse to give you in-game bonuses!