Assuming The Roots of Evil hasn't dragged you six feet under Plantala, we heartily invite you to get your fill of fresh air over on Kwismas Island. That's right, the mythical island opens its doors tomorrow!

Ready to tear your hair out? Player Emrys has a brain-teaser worthy of Archimedes for you. Take your shot and try to win some nice prizes!

For this new Dungeon Rusher, we're offering the chance to descend into the smoldering ashes of the Obsidemon's Hypogeum. Watch out, though – the guardian is said to have a rather volcanic temper…

Recently, as part of Ankama's 20th birthday celebrations, we doubled your loot in rare Daily Quests and then doubled the appearance rate of the quests themselves, which was, you must admit, very kind. Today, we are combining these two bonuses! Which is, you must admit, rather kind of us.

Dofus Touch Riddle Us This Event - November 01, 2021

As you know, your favorite MMO is celebrating 5 years around the sun, and Ankama is turning 20. What you don't know yet is that to mark the occasion, a series of riddles will be popping up on social media…

The final stages of the Abyss Joust have started. The final battles will take place this weekend! Which teams will make it to the conclusion of this incredible PvP experience?

After a week of +25% bonuses to profession XP, we're continuing as promised with a +50% combat XP and drop bonus from Friday, October 29 at 6:00 PM to Sunday, October 31 at 11:59 PM (Paris time).

Al Howin isn't only about cries of terror and pain. It's also a time for exclamations of admiration and wonder, like when you see a shockingly realistic costume, enjoy the first bite of a delicious squash soup… or admire a perfect still life of a pumpkwin! So get ready: it's time to show us you can still color inside the lines!