Dofus Touch December Gifts! Event - December 02, 2020

The last month of the year is always the most generous. Not only will you experience the most important update of 2020, but you will also be showered with gifts! 

For our ninth Dungeon Rusher, starting this Wednesday, defeat Daggero and Peki Peki to unlock two new ceremonial shields!

Dofus Touch Al Howin Is Back! Event - October 22, 2020

The Al Howin event is now available. Don't miss this occasion to visit the terrifying lands of Horrib Isle and Al Howin's Vegetable Patch!

Dofus Touch The Me Hearty Party Returns! Event - September 17, 2020

The buccaneer bash dreamed up by a humble pirate named Seth Halitosis is back. Read on for more details!

Dofus Touch Another Candle on the Cake! Event - September 15, 2020
Four years ago to the day, DOFUS Touch was released for smartphone and internationally at the same time! And we'd like to celebrate this milestone with you the right way.

Enter our new drawing and collage contest for your chance to win the grand prize!

Tensions are always running high between Crakillian and the matriarch Kanigrula, which serves no one. Enter our new writing contest to try and persuade Kanigrula to bury the hatchet!

Our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign concluded recently. Your quick and enthusiastic response has far exceeded our expectations! To celebrate the good news, log in to the game to take advantage of the +50% combat XP bonus!