Why not get a head start on Al Howin and treat yourself to a hellish trek through the Haunted House at the Trool Fair for a week? It'll be a nice chance to return from the dead with a lovely Boockler, don't ya think?

Dofus Touch Skin Contest on Discord Event - August 01, 2022

Last December you may have noticed a channel dedicated to character skins in DOFUS Touch appear on our Discord. Although temporary, it was popular, and it gave us the idea to offer something more permanent and with a stronger concept: regular contests in collaboration with Skiny.

Woah! Amazing! Once again, you have shown immense courage and solidarity. Shoulder to shoulder with other Twelvians, you stood up to and defended the attacks from the bosses of Kwismas Island, who had come to spoil the party of Vulkania! A promise is a promise! The "unlimited bunch of keys" bonus weekend will be happening!

Five years ago, you lent a hand to the Charlie's Agents agency to fend off attacks by Father Kwismas, Father Whupper and the Itzting, who had come to wreak revenge on Grozilla and Grasmera after the "incident" in 639. Yes, yes… on Kwismas Island, revenge is a dish best eaten cold… colder than cold… and twice over! Today, the dinner revenge bell has rung!

The Krosmic calendar is overflowing with important events. Some more than others are rather laughable, sometimes bordering on the grotesque. The Taking of the Pastille is above all proof that anything can be a pretext for a party – and an excuse to give you in-game bonuses!

A new PvP tournament is coming to the Grandapan server!

Finally! The most eagerly awaited time of year (along with Nowel) is finally here – the terrific Vulkania adventure is now accessible! Do you think you know everything there is to know about this horribly idyllic place? And what if you were wrong?…

As you know, the upcoming DOFUS Touch update has placed artifacts almost as precious as the Dofus themselves all over the World of Twelve. These items are the heritage of noble and courageous warriors. But before getting familiar with them in-game… what do you say we have a little fun?