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Dofus Touch [Contest] To the top! Event - December 04, 2018

For 6 days, climb to the top of Ascension Island on the beta version and try to win rewards on your classic servers!

Is your nose suddenly red and bright? Do you crave for sweets? Are you having a case of extreme excitement? All these symptoms point to the upcoming Kwismas festivities. Worry no further as we have a sure cure: the annual Advent Calendar! Prepare to be buried under an avalanche of gifts!

After a long week of hard work on the Age-Old Belt, it's time to find out what players have qualified and what concept will be used for the final stage!

The first round of the Smithmagic tournament is about to begin! For a week, participants would have to give it their all to get the best stats possible in order to qualify for the next round!
Dofus Touch Tainted Pumpkwins Event - November 20, 2018
Novamaire 648: Adventurers in the World of Twelve have been hit with strange events troubling their usually oh so peaceful days. They investigated, and have figured it out. The source of the tainted Pumpkwin isn't ordinary at all. An entity with a shadowy past seems to be behind it all…

The first contest for Smithmagi is about to start. But before that happens, a registration phase is necessary to select our future potential champions. And that's good, because it's starting now!

Dofus Touch Marks on Bones Event - November 13, 2018

It's been several weeks since the Al Howin curse spread throughout Amakna. Everything's slowly starting to get back to normal for the Gobballs and Tofus. But the Pumpkwins haven't changed. Will the curse wear off?

Dofus Touch Trick or Trick? Event - November 06, 2018

It's that time of year, the time for tricks and trickier tricks. It seems that someone, somewhere in the World of Twelve, has been having fun driving adventurers mad on the continent and playing a nasty trick on them.