At last. You've made it… To the edge of Plantala Forest. Are you brave enough to brush aside the stray branches in your way to enter this hidden territory ruled by a force of nature both predatory and beautiful? The decision rests with you alone…

If you are waiting excitedly, we can't blame you because we are just as excited to roll out the red carpet for you, take a look back at what happened in 2021, and present everything we're planning for 2022. Yes, the KrosmoNote is back again this year on Friday, November 26. The festivities are starting early this year!

What a happy coincidence. Just as the beta opens a doorway to the next DOFUS Touch update, a devblog leaps out of the woods to fully explain what will be featured.

Dofus Touch The Beta is Coming Soon Info - November 05, 2021

Next week, if you peel back the thick foliage that covers Plantala, you will uncover its best-kept secrets, its buried treasures… And of course, you should test the beta too! To take part, learn more about the new way to access it…

Certain signs are unmistakable. When you hear "get ready to import your character onto the beta server" and we show off a brand new trailer that gives you goosebumps, there's no room for doubt – the update is coming along nicely!

Apple has announced an update to its OS and a transition to iOS 15 in the near future. Rest assured, we're standing by to react in case of any problems!

The fifteenth rotation of Ascension Island has started: the servers are now open! Unlock as many rewards as you can in your rise to glory!

Ankama Ankama is 20! Info - August 20, 2021

This week marks the start of a very special moment in Ankama's history: we're celebrating our 20th anniversary. We say "the start" because from now until the end of the year, we'll be setting up events to talk with you about our shared passion, remember our favorite moments together in our various worlds, and hand out a few gifts as well!