The registration for the Abyss Joust Tournament has ended last Tuesday! This is the time to find out the list of valid teams participating and details regarding the tournament server.

Warriors of Amakna, it's almost time for you to enter the arenas of the Abyss Joust! Registration is open until Tuesday, April 17 12:00 PM CEST. Please note that only the first 500 teams to register will participate in the competition, so sign up before it's too late.

Below, you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions about everything DOFUS Touch. This list will be kept up to date regularly!

We’re looking for a talented, passionate individual to join the ranks of our Community Management team!

Being a little closer to the community is one of our goals this new year and the opening of a new DOFUS Touch community server in Discord goes in this direction. Discover everything you need to know here!

Dofus Touch A Call to the Summit Info - April 03, 2018

On this fine Martalo morning, the adventurers of the World of Twelve found a big surprise in their mailboxes. In among the payment reminders from their Enutrof banker and brochures singing the praises of the latest equipment sets, they discovered an unusual envelope with gilded edges and an unmistakable wax seal. Return address: Ingloriom…

Following our adaptation of DOFUS the MMORPG for tablets and smartphones, our team has taken up a new challenge. Get ready for DOFUS Touch on smartwatches!

DOFUS Touch is taking PvP battles to the next level and offering you a major new challenge. Answer the God Iop's call and face off against the best warriors in the World of Twelve during the Abyss Joust, starting in April!