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Dofus Touch Pandala Transformed - Part 2 Info - November 25, 2020

Hidden away in the heights of Aerdala, the Kozaru are children of the wind. Living reclusively among the crags and peaks of the region, these little-known people keep to themselves, and only rarely reveal themselves to the island's other inhabitants. But Pandala's transformation has reawakened old conflicts, and the Kozaru are no longer protected by the shadows of their mountains.

Dofus Touch The Beta is Coming Soon! Info - November 16, 2020
The beta for the next major update, currently set for December, will be arriving in the next few days! In the meantime, we'd like to tell you a bit more about it, and about how a beta phase works.
Dofus Touch What's Coming in December Info - November 14, 2020

You probably know by now that a major update involving Pandala will be released later this year! While waiting for the beta, we'll tell you more in this article.

Dofus Touch Where Wind Reigns Supreme Info - November 12, 2020

The wind blows through the high peaks of Aerdala, and the song of the breeze mingles with the sounds of wind chimes. But in the shadow of the mountains, hostilities and confrontations threaten peace on the island.

Under the thick clouds of incense smoke that cover the Feudala region, preparations are underway for a grand festival! The Order of the Lantern is organizing O-Matsuri festivities in honor of the Fire Spirit. But it seems that not everything is going as planned…

The ground is shifting in Terrdala! Even as the Tanukis use their agile paws to mold and sculpt the treasures offered up by the soil, this artistic people finds itself gripped by growing anxiety…

Are you soothed by the sound of rushing water? Akwadala may be filled with serene rivers, lakes, and waterfalls, but there's a danger bubbling up from those enchanting streams.