In the end-of-year update, you'll encounter a Mother Nature that's more dominant than ever. A wooded region where nature is out of control. A place where only the mad dare to tread. Will you be one of them?

Dofus Touch Revisiting the Beta Updates - November 25, 2021

The beta just ended, so now's the time to go over it! Our CMs address its main themes, finishing, of course, with the question on everyone's lips…

As you step out into the World of Twelve today, don't be surprised if you feel that everything is at one with itself: that's because balance has been restored! The latest DOFUS Touch update is now available in the game.

Update 1.51 is now available in DOFUS Touch! Discover all the new features and improvements in this dedicated changelog.

The new beta is now available through the DOFUS Touch Early app! Read on for its changelog.

Dofus Touch Beta: Update 1.51 Updates - May 25, 2021

A new beta is available via the DOFUS Touch Early app! Check out the changelog now.

Dofus Touch Update 1.50 Updates - April 13, 2021

Like in 2020, we wanted to use the first few months of the year to make various in-game fixes and improvements. Read all about them in this new changelog!

The major year-end update is now available! Discover the revamped Pandala Island, as well as new features and improvements!