Dofus Touch Update 1.50 Updates - April 13, 2021

Like in 2020, we wanted to use the first few months of the year to make various in-game fixes and improvements. Read all about them in this new changelog!

The major year-end update is now available! Discover the revamped Pandala Island, as well as new features and improvements!

The beta version of the end-of-year update is available! See what's new in this changelog!

Dofus Touch Update 1.48 Updates - September 09, 2020

A new interim update is available in DOFUS Touch! Learn more with the changelog.

A new major update is now available! Discover what's new in our latest changelog!

Dofus Touch Update 1.46 Updates - March 17, 2020

A new major update is available in DOFUS Touch! As planned, we are continuing to identify the various problems encountered in the game in order to gradually resolve them and make practical, technical and aesthetic improvements. Here is the full changelog.

Dofus Touch Update 1.45 Updates - February 03, 2020

As we've announced in Missive #13, we are focusing on improving your gaming experience during the first months of 2020. Discover the updates in this changelog!

A major new update is available! On the program: a new time bubble, changes to Cania, shield revamp and many new features and improvements to discover in this changelog.