We're ending the year in music, and style, with a sublime collector's edition: the Pieces of Krosmoz Vinyl Pack! A feast for the eyes and the ears. Act Now: Supplies are limited to 1,000 copies!

Whenever a fight starts, do you get the overwhelming urge to do a stunning series of sick blade combos? With the Slicing and Honed Packatanas, you can unleash those air-rending moves and rend your opponents asunder. That'll cut 'em down to size!

The Elite Bonus Pack has already won over a great many of you. Until now, this pack was only available in a 30-day format; but it is available this weekend with the same benefits for 3 days! Tell us what you think!

Dofus Touch [SHOP] Race Against Time! Shop - November 28, 2023
The countdown has started. We've only got a few seconds to talk to you. Let's get to it! When the counter reaches zero, there might not be any explosions, but these timelessly appealing offers will vanish from the face of the shop! Quickly!!!

Yeah! It's finally here! Year after year, it gets a warmer reception. So naturally, it always RSVPs and comes bearing many a gift. That's right, we're talking about Black Friday! Hurry and check out the offers it has in store for you!

Fine. We're exaggerating just a bit. But we had to get your attention somehow. And, you've got to admit that this pack's got you covered. If you're at the end of your rope and the adventure season hasn't lived up to your hopes – don't hesitate! In this pack, you'll find what you need to fix past mistakes and give yourself a much brighter future!

Her drop-dead beauty is matched only by her lethal power: Belladonna, the witch of Ephedrya, is the inspiration behind an offer you won't be able to resist. From Friday, November 17, to Monday, November 20, whenever you purchase sets, cosmetics, petsmounts, pets, emotes and ornaments with goultines, you'll get Belladonna and Shigekax Blind Boxes! 

Yet again, the Kwismas goblimps have worked hard to save your holidays. They've carefully selected the very best WAVEN gifts for you from the shelves of their gigantic workshop. The resulting standard WAVEN Kwismas Pack and premium WAVEN Kwismas Pack are stuffed full of goodies!