1. Goodbye Incarnam, Hello Albuera!

In an effort to offer an even more enjoyable and user-friendly gaming experience, we have decided to redesign the DOFUS Touch adventure from the very beginning. Update 1.57 is when we say goodbye to Incarnam and welcome a new area to replace the celestial island, which has witnessed so many adventurers being born there over the years! Check out Albuera now!

See the devblog for more information

Incarnam-related quests and achievements have been removed from the game, causing a loss in achievement points and the number of quests completed for those who completed them.

2. Reworked Lairs

Given the change to Incarnam and the lairs' being moved to new areas, the lairs' role will have to change. It's also an opportunity for a new iteration of this system's objectives and rewards!

See the devblog for more information

3. Interfaces

  • As part of the revamp of the start of the game, some interfaces outside the game have been reworked as well! This includes the character creation menu.
  • The World of Twelve map has been updated with Albuera being added.
  • Some available quests are now shown on the world map, especially for the Astrub area, to guide players on their way out of Albuera.
  • The default button order in the shortcut bar has changed.
  • The beginner channel is now accessible up to level 70. The beginner channel is no longer automatically hidden whenever you log out and back in.
  • The in-game encyclopedia has also been updated.
  • When changing classes, the player is now automatically redirected to the interface to choose a new class.
  • You can now save the "Public" status of your profession(s) between sessions.
  • Fixed the display of the counter for quests requiring you to kill several monsters once the counter is achieved.
  • If a quest monster is in a group and the option "Display all the monsters in a group" is turned off, this monster's appearance will be the first one visible on the game map.
  • Guild ranks are now adapted to female characters.
  • Various interfaces and buttons in the game now tell the player that they can tap and hold to get more information.
  • Several spell descriptions have been reworked and corrected.
  • Several texts and descriptions have been corrected.

4. Server-Restricted Purchases

For technical reasons, this restriction could not be applied for the time being.

5. Ceremonial Petsmounts on Dragoturkeys

You can now use ceremonial petsmounts on dragoturkeys! To do so, just move your ceremonial petsmount to the ceremonial petsmount slot that is already available for this purpose.

This does not apply to ceremonial pets.

To mark this change, a number of ceremonial petsmounts are on sale in the shop for a limited time!

6. Changes in the Shop

Goultine packs have been changed:

  • There are now six packs instead of eight.
  • Prices have been tweaked.
  • The packs have been visually redesigned.

7. Automatic Backup Optimization

Automatic backups, which are done four times a day (more information), could prevent access to some servers for more than 15 minutes.

We have done a first iteration to optimize this process; the wait time should no longer exceed five minutes for the most heavily populated servers.

8. Changes to the Kolossium Preparation Phase

As discussed in a forum workshop, we decided to take things up a notch!

During the Kolossium fight preparation phase:

  • Opponents' nicknames are no longer shown.
  • Opponents' positions are no longer shown.
  • Opponents are still visible in the timeline, but without their equipment or colors.
  • Players are no longer shown in order of Initiative in the timeline.
  • You can no longer long-press an opponent in the timeline.
  • You can no longer watch a match in the preparation phase as a spectator.

9. Changes to Weapons and Equipment

We've made a number of changes to weapons and equipment in this new update. These changes affect two major aspects: recipes and effects.

See the devblog for more information

Learn about all the changes


  • There are new ways to get pets from the game DOFUS Pets (which has not been accessible for several weeks now):
    • Ascension Island,
    • the Kolossium,
    • and the wandering merchant in Pandala. The Godron isn't available right now, but it will be in the future.
  • The Moon pet can now feed on the Rokoko Leaf and Ambusher Bud resources.

10. Spellmaster Seals and Level 200 Spell

The Summoning of Dopple spell, reworked in update 1.52, is disappearing completely and being replaced by a new spell.

As for class sets, the items in them will no longer grant bonuses; these will instead become ceremonial items for the cloaks and headgear that players will receive over the course of their adventures in Albuera. To replace this equipment, a new type of item will be introduced: Spellmaster Seals.

See the devblog for more information

Here is the full list of available seals:




Disables line of sight



Reduces the cooldown by 1



Increases the number of casts per target by 1


Dirty Trick

Reduces the cooldown by 1



Reduces the cooldown by 1 turn



Reduces the AP cost by 1


Feline Movement

Increases the number of casts per turn by 1


Bestial Heal

Reduces the AP cost by 1



Reduces the cooldown by 1



Increases the spell's range by 2



Disables line of sight



Reduces the cooldown by 1



Reduces the cooldown by 1 turn


Feline Leap

Increases the number of casts per turn by 3


Insolent Bramble

Removes the straight-line casting restriction



Reduces the AP cost by 1


Martyr Punishment

Reduces the cooldown by 2 turns



Reduces the cooldown by 1 turn



Reduces the AP cost by 1



Increases Range by 1


Grapple Arrow

Reduces the spell's AP cost by 1


Summoning of Tactical Beacon

Increases the number of casts per turn by 1



Removes the straight-line casting restriction



Removes the straight-line casting restriction


Paralysing Trap

Removes the straight-line casting restriction



The spell's range is now modifiable.



The spell's range is now modifiable.



Reduces the cooldown by 1


Stimulating Word

Increases the number of casts per turn by 1


Word of Altruism

Reduces the cooldown by 1


11. Opening the Bank from Anywhere

You can now open the bank interface from your inventory, from (almost) anywhere in the World of Twelve.

This is mainly so you don't have to go back and forth as much in the game, which is less ideal for mobile sessions. This mirrors the introduction of teleportation runes a few months earlier, as these let you get to a workshop faster.

However, to avoid certain types of abuse, the tax will be different if it is opened "remotely" from the bank, with a base of 50 kamas plus the doubled standard tax.

For example, a bank containing 15 items will cost 80 kamas to open (50 + 15*2).

12. Cra Class

Barricade Arrow

  • Damage inflicted while the caster is in the Guardian state decreases with each level (on the second damage line).

Bat's Eye

  • If you land a critical hit on a Tactical Beacon, the critical hit is now properly passed on to the other beacons.

Tactical Beacons

  • Lord Crow's spells no longer allow a Cra to exceed the Tactical Beacon limit.

13. Ecaflip Class


  • The spell also adds a weaker shield to the target when cast on an ally.
  • The allied target's shield value is equal to 200% of the target's level.
  • The caster's shield value has been reduced: 500% (CH: 600%) → 400% (CH: 500%).

Claw of Ceangal

  • Spell damage has increased at ranks 5 and 6:
    • Rank 5: 36-40 (41-45) → 38-42 (43-47)
    • Rank 6: 41-45 (46-50) → 44-48 (49-54)


  • The critical hit rate has increased: 1/35 → 1/2

14. Enutrof Class


  • The MP reduction at rank 6 has decreased: 3 → 2
  • The number of casts per turn at rank 6 has increased: 3 → 4

Blinding Shovel

  • Damage triggered by a range reduction has increased at rank 6: 10–12 → 12–14


15. Feca Class


  • The AP cost is now 4 at all spell levels.


  • The AP cost has increased at all spell levels: 2 → 3.
  • The spell applies the Weakened state as long as the shield is present.


  • The spell's cooldown has been reduced: 7/6/5/5/4/3 → 7/6/5/4/3/2.
  • The spell's maximum range has been reduced: 3/3/4/4/4/5 → 3/3/3/3/3/4.


16. Iop Class

Destructive Sword

  • The critical hit rate penalty applied by the spell has increased:
    • Rank 1: 2 → 4
    • Rank 2: 2 → 4
    • Rank 3: 2 → 4
    • Rank 4: 2 → 4
    • Rank 5: 2 → 4
    • Rank 6: 3 → 7


  • Spell damage has increased at ranks 5 and 6:
    • Rank 5: 23-27 (28-32) → 25-29 (30-34)
    • Rank 6: 28-32 (33-37) → 30-34 (35-40)


17. Osamodas Class


  • The spell has been changed, and points are refunded.
  • Inflicts Air damage on a target in a straight line.
  • The target is then pushed back a number of cells equal to the number of tofus controlled by the caster.


  • Damage inflicted when the spell targets an enemy has increased.
  • When the spell is cast on a summon, the pushback distance applied to adjacent entities depends on the spell level:
    • Rank 1: 1
    • Rank 2: 1
    • Rank 3: 1
    • Rank 4: 1
    • Rank 5: 2
    • Rank 6: 3


  • Damage inflicted on enemies in an area of effect when the summon is teleported is now based on the players' stats.


  • Damage inflicted on enemies in an area of effect when the summon is killed is now based on the players' stats.


18. Pandawa Class


  • Damage has increased at every level:
    • Rank 1: 26–28 → 29–30
    • Rank 2: 27–29 → 30–32
    • Rank 3: 28–30 → 31–33
    • Rank 4: 29–31 → 32–34
    • Rank 5: 31–33 → 34–36
    • Rank 6: 35–37 → 38–41


  • The number of casts per turn is now distributed as follows: 2/2/3/3/4/4
  • The number of casts per target is now distributed as follows: 1/1/1/2/2/2
  • The spell's maximum range has decreased: 2/3/4/5/6/7 → 2/3/3/4/4/5. This range is still modifiable.

19. Rogue Class


  • The spell has been changed, and points are refunded.
  • The spell has been replaced by a spell that moves bombs in a straight line and diagonally while increasing their combo bonus.


  • The spell has been changed, and points are refunded.
  • The spell can now increase the combo bonus and apply a shield to bombs present in the area of effect.


  • Leaving a fight no longer makes the bombs in question explode nor lets the caster win.

20. Sacrier Class

Light Speed

  • The damage bonus for each target traveled through has increased: 7 → 9


  • The spell now applies the Perfusion state on allies in the area of effect for 1 turn.

21. Foggernaut Class


  • The pushback damage resistance penalty applied by the spell has increased:
    • Rank 1: 7 (10) → 10 (13)
    • Rank 2: 9 (12) → 15 (18)
    • Rank 3: 11 (14) → 20 (23)
    • Rank 4: 13 (16) → 25 (28)
    • Rank 5: 15 (18) → 30 (33)
    • Rank 6: 17 (20) → 40 (45)


  • Spell damage has been increased:
    • Rank 1: 10-12 (12-14) → 13-15 (15-17)
    • Rank 2: 11-13 (13-15) → 15-17 (17-19)
    • Rank 3: 12-14 (14-16) → 17-19 (19-21)
    • Rank 4: 13-15 (15-17) → 19-21 (21-23)
    • Rank 5: 14-16 (16-18) → 21-23 (23-25)
    • Rank 6: 18-20 (20-22) → 24-26 (26-28)


  • The diagonal pushback distance has increased for the Kinetix II and III spells.
  • The diagonal attraction distance has increased for the Magnatron II and III spells.


  • The casting limit per target has been removed.


  • The spell now has a damage line that deals damage in the caster's best element.
  • Damage in each damage line has been reduced:
    • Rank 1: 7-9 (9-11) → 4-6 (6-8)
    • Rank 2: 8-10 (10-12) → 5-7 (7-9)
    • Rank 3: 9-11 (11-13) → 6-8 (8-10)
    • Rank 4: 10-12 (12-14) → 7-9 (9-11)
    • Rank 5: 11-13 (13-15) → 8-10 (10-12)
    • Rank 6: 15-17 (17-19) → 10-12 (12-14)
  • The critical hit rate has increased: 1/50 → 1/35


22. Xelor Class


  • The spell's cooldown has changed: 5 turns (all levels) → 8/7/6/5/4/3.


23. Masqueraider Class


  • The AP cost has decreased at all spell levels: 5 → 4.


24. Monsters

  • In Frigost, the levels of the monsters found in Frigost Village and the Icefields have increased to be more consistent with the access level of the island and the families in nearby areas.
  • How the Dopplesque Favouritism spell is used has changed for the Osamodas Temple Dopple.
  • The Kwismas Minotoball has been adapted to a four-player format.
  • Some unbewitchment effects cast by monsters have been replaced by a reduction in effect duration so as to limit their impact.
  • Monsters in Nolifis Island no longer drop resources, as the island will change at a later date. Resources can still be sold to NPCs.
  • Piwis found in the cities have been removed: Astrub, Amakna Village, Sufokia, Bonta, and Brakmar. You can now find them west of Astrub in the Astrub Suburbs zone.
  • The Kilibriss monster has been rebalanced; it will no longer make the player skip their turn and will instead apply the Pacifist state.
  • Ghosts that used to be found among the monsters in the Cemetery of the Tortured have been removed and now have their own zone: the Desecrated Highlands. This zone's previous selection of monsters has been removed, as they are available in surrounding zones.
  • The strategy of Damadrya boss phase 2 has been changed.
  • The damage of some Plantala monsters has been adjusted.


25. Combat

  • Double-tapping in combat is now turned off by default. This can be turned on with a new setting in the Combat section.
  • Losing against a resource protector no longer causes the player to lose energy or be teleported.
  • After a fight, Vitality provided by equipment is properly taken into account, and you no longer have to unequip and reequip it to regain HP. After a fight, even if the player didn't lose, the base vitality granted by equipment is recovered.
  • Summons' game time has decreased by half (from 40 to 20 seconds).
  • The error message shown in the chat when a spell cannot be used is now clearer.
  • Glyphs are now properly taken into account for challenges and achievements.
  • The challenge "Victoria Station" is no longer available against Temple Dopples.
  • The "Tight" challenge can no longer be completed without any ally or summon.
  • The placement slots in the Fire Elemental dungeon have been fixed.
  • You can no longer complete an achievement by leaving combat and coming back in spectator mode.
  • You can no longer defend a perceptor for a player who wasn't a member when the attack happened.


26. Quests

Daily Missions:

  • New cosmetic rewards are available for daily missions!
  • New daily missions have been added for the Kwismas period.

New Quest:

  • A new quest requiring you to do a tour of the dungeons is available, along with corresponding achievements. It is started by talking to the NPC Ross Strich in Astrub at [6,-15], as long as you meet the requirements.

Ambiguous Ambition:

  • The quest has been fixed, and its description has been corrected.

Dead to the Worm:

  • If the player loses the follower NPC Authenti Worm, they can now get him back using the interactive rock.
  • Monsters' levels are properly adjusted based on the player's level.

Very High-Speed Scarplane:

  • The items requested in this quest have changed. The quest now requests a wooden helmet and wings that are identical to those needed for the Moon quests. The improved wooden wings and helmet have been removed to avoid confusion.

Neck-Deep in Sea:

  • This quest no longer requires you to do the Sandcastle Lair, as the lair has been removed from the game.

Adventure Never Waits:

  • This quest no longer requires the player to go to Incarnam.


27. Pets

  • The "damage reflection" pets have changed:
    • Tofume: +40 Critical Damage
    • Scarakiri: +24 Pushback Damage Resistance and +12 Damage
    • Tarzantula: +60 Pushback Damage
    • Borbat: +50 AP Parry
    • Feathered Dragoturkey: +150 Vitality and +40 Pushback Damage
    • Snickermite: +60 Pushback Damage
    • Frozen Tofu: +50 MP Parry
    • These pets' food has also been adjusted.
  • The "critical damage" pets and petsmounts have been standardized to grant a maximum bonus of 40.
  • Boonax: The bonus now increases by 2 Vitality per bracket instead of 1.


28. Miscellaneous

  • Regeneration of health points is now the same whether the character is sitting or not. The highest value has been kept (the one that was applied when the character was sitting).
  • Empty soul stones (containing monsters that were removed from the game) have been removed from the game. They were of no further use other than cluttering the Marketplace and causing latency in that interface. For stones with a mix of deleted monsters and extant monsters, only the deleted monsters have been removed from the stone.
  • An ornament has been added for getting 12,000 achievement points.
  • When creating a guild, the two-month waiting period to link a house or paddock has been removed.
  • The capacity of public paddocks has increased from 5 to 10 places.
  • You can no longer breed dragoturkeys in public paddocks if your character doesn't have the Mount Taming spell. The dragoturkeys of characters that have mounts in the stable but don't meet this new requirement have been transferred to the owner's bank. If the guild right "Manage other members' mounts" is granted to another character, the character can also collect dragoturkeys in their bank when the paddock is opened.
  • With certain bosses, the Tight and Hermit achievements could not be completed in single-player mode; this has been fixed.
  • "Powerful" characteristic scrolls now only grant one bonus instead of two. The condition to use them is now >74 in the relevant characteristic instead of >79. Great scrolls have been updated accordingly.
  • You can no longer place a Perceptor on the elemental forge map.
  • An explanation has been added to the effects of Croquette Potions.
  • The cells around the NPC Flababdo Pull in the Premium House are now obstructed.
  • You can no longer place prisms or perceptors in the Amakna Library Basement.
  • You can now use Missiz Freezz's Helmet and the Korko Kousto with mimisymbics.
  • The nicknames of the winners of All Star Touch 2 have been added to the trophy room in the Hall of the Valiant.
  • The "Impertinence" achievement on Damadrya's Bamboo Grove has been replaced by the "Hermit" achievement.
  • Various World of Twelve maps have been corrected.