Announced during the Thunderous Breach update, more details on the Abyss Joust are revealed in this new devblog post! Find out everything you need to know about this inter-server tournament that is shaping up to be epic.

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The Abyss Joust is a PvP competition open to the DOFUS Touch community; it's the first player-versus-player inter-server tournament in the game's history!

The competition will pit 500 teams against one another, each consisting of three different players in an online "Swiss Round" elimination format. The final rounds will be based on a single-elimination system in a best of 3 format (two winning matches).

The entire tournament will be played online on one specific server closed to spectators except for those with special authorization.

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How to Register

Teams registering for the Abyss Joust are limited to three players. The players must all be different and their characters must be level 150 or higher.

When registration opens, one of the three players must go to the official website and click on the tournament tab. Once there, fill out the form to register. The two teammates named in the form will receive a notification to confirm they are members of the team.

Registration is complete and final once all of the players have confirmed their participation in the tournament.

Tournament registration opens on Thursday, April 12, 2018, at 12:00 p.m. (GMT +2) and ends on Tuesday, April 17, 2018, at the same time.

There is no substitution system for this tournament. You know the dates and times you must be available to play your matches. If you already know that you cannot guarantee your presence, be a nice player and let someone else have your spot.

* One registration per account per person. Multi-accounting is not permitted during the competition.

Class Restrictions

  • The following classes may not play together: Xelor, Feca, Osamodas, Sacrier and Eniripsa.
  • In addition, the following duos are not permitted:
    • Ecaflip - Osamodas
    • Enutrof – Osamodas
    • Sadida - Osamodas
    • Enutrof - Iop
    • Feca - Foggernaut
    • Feca - Masqueraider
    • Iop - Foggernaut
    • Sacrier – Foggernaut
    • Iop - Osamodas

What you need to know

Imported Characters

Characters imported to the tournament server will be blank copies of the original characters.

  • Only the name, class, gender, and appearance will be retained.
  • They will automatically be raised to level 200.
  • The characters' characteristics will be raised to 101 by default with 995 natural points to be distributed as desired.
  • The spells of each character will automatically be raised to level 6, including class spells and the following common spells: Perfidious Boomerang, Moon Hammer, Cawwot, Release, Lightning Strike, Leek Pie, Weapon Skill, Summoning of Arachnee, Summoning of Chaferfu.
  • The characters will receive a permanent bonus of +1 AP, +1 RA and +1 MP


All participants will have access to an item bank with perfect versions of pre-determined items.

  • Eight Dofus: Vulbis, Ice, Crimson, Emerald, Turquoise, Cawotte, Ochre, and Kaliptus
  • All the trophies.
  • All equipment of level 150 or higher.
  • All weapons higher than level 150 (in five versions when possible: a neutral and four at 80% forgemagic in each element, except for Archetypal Bow, 40% forgemagic).
  • A pet per bonus type (five copies of Toucantankerous and El Scarador, one for each characteristic).
  • Two petsmounts: Karmeleon and Kwyness.
  • All the level 100 dragoturkeys.

The following equipment will be added:

  • Limbo Wand
  • Gelano
  • Hatchet Zoth
  • Dreggon Helmet

The following equipment will be removed:

  • The entire Aermyne set

  • Forgemagic will not be available on the server.
  • Tournament mode will be activated: Participants will not see the initiative order in the timeline, nor the positions of their opponents on the map during the fight preparation phase. This information will be revealed once all of the characters have clicked "ready" and the fight has commenced.
  • The referees will have the ability to pause fights if necessary but not before the round of 16.
  • You will have the chance to reset your character's characteristics how you wish via an NPC.  A paddocks will be available.
  • An NPC will allow you to fight a poutch.
  • The tournament area will be accessible at the beginning of April; you will have plenty of time to discover the maps that will be used during the competition.


Qualification Stages

Qualification is based on a Swiss rounds system.

Thirteen rounds are scheduled for the following dates/times (note: all times are in Paris time):

Wednesday, April 25
8 p.m.: Round 1

Saturday, April 28
2 p.m.: Round 2
4 p.m.: Round 3
6 p.m.: Round 4

Sunday, April 29
2 p.m.: Round 5
4 p.m.: Round 6
6 p.m.: Round 7

Saturday, May 5
2 p.m.: Round 8
4 p.m.: Round 9
6 p.m.: Round 10

Sunday, May 6
2 p.m.: Round 11
4 p.m.: Round 12
6 p.m.: Round 13

Each team must participate in the 13 rounds shown on the schedule.

A match will be declared a draw at the end of the 20th turn. Draws will only occur during the qualification rounds.

Final Rounds

The second qualification phase will consist of a head-to-head, single-elimination bracket.

There will be no draws during this phase, and all matches will be played "best two out of three" (BO3).

The maps will be selected via a draft phase.

Fights are scheduled to take place at the following dates and times (note: all times are given in Paris time):

Wednesday, May 9
8:00 p.m.: round of sixteen

Thursday, May 10
7 p.m.: 2 quarterfinals

Friday, May 11
7 p.m.: 2 quarterfinals

Saturday, May 12
1 p.m.: Semifinals
4 p.m.: Semifinals

Sunday, May 13
1 p.m.: Third place playoff
4 p.m.: Final

Between each match, players will have a 15-minute break before the next fight begins. Players are also permitted to change their equipment.

Players qualifying for the quarterfinals must be available during the two scheduled time slots (Thursday, May 10, and Friday, May 11).

Players that qualify for the semifinals and finals must be available during all times scheduled in the calendar. If the 1 p.m. match ends earlier than expected, the 4 p.m. match can be moved forward.



The Abyss Joust winners will be rewarded! Below is a list of the prizes.

1st place:

  • Champion Set
  • Champion Shield that grants the exclusive title of "Abyss Master"
  • Abyss Shield that unlocks the title of "Abyss Fighter"
  • 1-year Bonus Pack
  • 40,000 Goultines per player
  • 10,000 Kolossokens per player
  • The chance to visit Ankama offices and meet the staff*
    • Goodies provided during Ankama visit

2nd place:

  • Abyss Shield that unlocks the title of "Abyss Fighter"
  • 6-month Bonus Pack
  • 20,000 Goultines per player
  • 5,000 Kolossokens per player
  • The chance to visit Ankama offices and meet the staff
    • Goodies provided during Ankama visit

3rd place:

  • Ancient Sufokia Shield that unlocks the title of "Abyss Fighter"
  • 3-month Bonus Pack
  • 10,000 Goultines per player
  • 2,500 Kolossokens per player
  • The chance to visit Ankama offices and meet the staff
    • Goodies provided during Ankama visit

The 16 qualifying teams at the end of rounds:

Any player with at least two wins and no forfeits:

  • 5 scrolls that unlock the title of "Abyss Survivor"

All rewards will be linked to the account.

* Transportation will only be paid by Ankama up to €200 per person, and the difference must be paid by the player.

Subject to change, the date reserved is Friday, June 29, 2018.



The tournament will be streamed by some of our partners such as Ayrr Gaming and Don-Quichotte, who will bring you an inside look at the matches!

The semi-finals and finals will be streamed with commentary from Ankama's offices on Twitch AnkamaLive, by Ayrr Gaming, Don-Quichotte, Auroros and certain DOFUS Touch staff members.


Why have matches during the week?

From the moment registration opens until the final, the tournament is spread out over a month, which is already a lot; we can't allow ourselves to do more, knowing how many players will be having exams right afterward.

Round 1 on April 25 will allow us to make sure everything is working and to correct any eventual problems before things resume on the weekend. This round is no less mandatory and missing it will disqualify your team.

Why these class restrictions

These restrictions have been implemented following different community tournaments organized on Oshimo, Terra Cogita and Herdegrize. We've decided to rein in Osamadas, who is very powerful on the current meta, while at the same time authorizing formations that can give him a challenge.

Why not do some balancing instead?

It's complicated to balance one class without having to touch others, and it wouldn't be too keen to do such a balancing right before the tournament.

Will there be tournaments where each person will have to bring their own equipment?

Yes, we would indeed like to offer an inter-server tournament based on this principle!


Additional rules as of 5 April

  • The Dolmanax will be an available item
  • The Class Sets too
  • It is allowed to change equipment and characteristics between games
  • It is allowed to change equipment in the preparation phase
  • Spectator mode will not be available on the tournament server (excluding moderators, referees and streamers) to avoid lags and crashes
  • Creature mode will be forced when connecting to the tournament server to avoid the slowdown of your mobile; it will be possible to disable it after
  • It will finally be allowed to have multiple accounts on the same IP, but it is strictly forbidden for a player to play more than one account at a time. Violators will be disqualified and his/her Ankama accounts will be sanctioned.
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