Up to now seasoned breeders have a complicated way to sort out their herd. Here's a new interface that should make their lives easier!
Filtrage des dragodindes : nouvelle interface
Instead of a long list of panels, the most important sorting criteria are now visible in a single panel, compact, and much clearer!
Filtre 1

Each button is colored when the sort criteria is active (otherwise the button remains gray).
A simple tap allows to activate most of the criteria (e.g. Mountable or not). The color and capacity criteria require two taps: the first tap displays a list to choose from (e.g. Emerald or Purple).
When the filtering panel is minimized, to remind you that the filtering is active, the Filter button is colored orange and each active criterion is shown (see the example below "Mountable").

Filtre 2

A simple tap on the label makes it possible to delete the criterion.
Another addition: the number of Dragoturkeys displayed compared to the total number of Dragoturkeys in this slot (on the example, Filter: 3 out of 5).
We hope that these changes will make life easier for you! This update will be available on 2 February, 2017 following the weekly maintenance.
Let us know what you think about these changes!

* The text in the UI hasn't been translated yet, but will be in time of the update.

Catégorie: Ergonomics