Since its release, DOFUS Touch has included all the content from DOFUS, completely free of charge. But in order to ensure the long life-span of the game and to allow us to produce regular content, we need to take measures to encourage the use of Bonus Packs (available in Goultines or in kamas) which are currently our main source of revenue.

For the next update on the 11th of May, we have decided to modify the experience required to level up for levels 1 to 200, as well as the chances of getting loot from all of the monsters in game.

As we don't want to deprive casual players part of the content, we've opted for a solution that aims to slow down character progress and the generation of loot, while continuing to offer free and unlimited access to the whole game.

This change to experience brackets and chances of obtaining loot from drops is also an opportunity for us to offer a more gradual progress curve that is better suited to a mobile game.

In order to better reward its users, we have decided to triple the effectiveness of the Bonus Pack offered in the Shop. Bonus Packs now give players a bonus of +150% on experience gained and a bonus of +150% of chances of loot being dropped by monsters.


Overall Balance in the Experience Curve

The experience needed to level up has been changed for all levels to offer slower progress, but with a more gradual increase in difficulty. The experience brackets have been reworked so the amount of experience you'll need to level up is higher, but the differences from one level to another are less marked.

In the aim of reducing these gaps between levels, the experience required to level up from level 199 to level 200 has been greatly reduced and split amongst all of the preceding levels.


Reworking of the Chance of Loot Drops

In a game with an economy as complex as DOFUS, it's important to ensure that the generation of resources and items remains, wherever possible, equal to their natural destruction. Today in DOFUS Touch, the number of resources and items generated generally exceeds their destruction by a large margin, leading to a general loss of value of the resources.

This is why all chances of getting loot from monsters have been lowered across the board in this update.

This balancing has not only given us a much more progressive way of increasing the difficulty in obtaining different resources, but it allows us to correct certain abnormally low or high rates of difficulty in getting them.

As a result, we have been able to facilitate entry to the game for new players by ensuring they can get resources more regularly, even in solo mode. On the other hand, seasoned players will find it more of a challenge.

The chances of obtaining resources may now range from a third of their current value to up to triple that number, depending on the level of the monster dropping it.

From now on, a monster will have the same likelihood of generating loot regardless of its grade (there are usually 5 variations of the monster, each with different levels, which we call grades).

For example, a Small Gobball War Chief will have a 20% chance of dropping a Wool whether he's level 10 or 14, compared to a 5% chance at level 10 and a 25% chance at level 14, as is currently the case.


Bonus Packs

In order to revalue the Bonus Packs and ensure the players' progress is not hindered by their use, we've decided to increase the bonuses given by the pack.

Bonus Packs currently grant a 50% experience bonus and a 50% increased chance of getting loot. These bonuses will both be tripled with this update.

  • Experience Bonus: +50% => +150%
  • Chance of getting loot: +50% => +150%

We would therefore like to encourage players to use the Bonus Packs on a more regular basis, whether they pay for them in kamas or in Goultines.




Why not just fight the bots instead?

Bots are a recurring problem in both DOFUS and DOFUS Touch. They have a very disruptive effect on the economy, both inside the game itself and at project level.

However, this fight against bots is carried out through a number of measures put in place over time and on a constant basis. You can find a post about it here.

Additionally, the people responsible for fighting bots aren't the same people working on this experience and monster loot revamp. So this revamp won't slow down the anti-bot fight at all.

Is there a chance of me losing experience or levels with the increase of the XP brackets?

No! By increasing experience brackets, a large majority of players may have found themselves below the minimum amount of experience required for this level, which poses a pretty big problem. We came up with several options, including resetting everyone to 0% of their current level, or rounding their experience up or down to the nearest bracket within the same level (0%, 25%, 50%, etc.).

In the end, we decided that the fairest thing to do was to keep the same percentage of progress for the current level.

For example:

  • A level 40 player with 35% experience will still have their 35% and will still be at level 40.
  • A level 130 player with 0% experience isn't going to drop a level. They will remain level 130 and their experience will stay at 0%

Will the chances of getting loot from quests also be reduced?

No, resources and items for which the chances of getting them are linked to having a quest will not be affected because they don't have a trade value outside of these quests and the majority are linked to the account.

However, generic resources that are sometimes required to validate certain quests will indeed become more difficult to obtain. They can also be used for trading and crafting, so these resources and items will be included in the revamp, too.

What about items that already have a really low drop rate?

Items and resources that already have a very low drop rate haven't been modified so as not to make them to inaccessible. In some cases, your chance of getting them might even have gone up.

Will resources from achievements be deleted or reduced?

For the time being, loot generated from achievements hasn't been modified, to provide you with a guaranteed way of getting dungeon resources on your first successful attempt. These rewards may, however, be reduced in the future if we deem it necessary.

Will the chances of getting meat be reduced for hunters?

No, as is the case for all quests, these are conditional drops (the condition here being having the hunter profession), so they won't be included in this revamp.

What will happen to my current Booster Pack?

Existing Bonus Pack users will have their benefits modified as well to +150% for both experience and loot chance.


A Boost From The Team

We understand that this modification is a major shift for everyone. To help you with the transition, for characters that are level 198 and below, we will increase your character's experience to 99% of its current level. For example, if your character's experience is at 25% of level 135, after this week's maintenance, your character's experience will now be at 99% of level 135. We give you the honor of levelling up your character. For characters that are level 199, we will provide you with an additional 15% experience.

We remain at your disposal if you have any questions, feel free to leave your feedback on the news.

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