1. Elite Bonus Pack

We know you were all hoping the Elite Bonus Pack would be available today, and we can't wait to present it to you! But we also want to avoid frustrating you with a less-than-perfect Elite Bonus Pack. That's why we're going to take a bit more time with this new pack.

Don't worry! The Elite Bonus Pack will be available very soon, will only be purchasable with real currency, and will give you the following perks for a whole month:

  • Unlimited resets for stat points (not including additional points and outside of fight preparation phase)
  • Unlimited resets for spell points (outside of fight preparation phase)
  • Access to a 4th daily mission every day
  • An extra daily mission reset every day, effective after login
  • Access to the house at [-21,-28] to unlock an incarnation of Manitou Zoth
  • The opportunity to fight the 15 class dopples right from this same house
  • All the bonuses in a standard bonus pack (+150% XP and drops, +50% profession XP)

Come back soon to find out more!

Changes to Bonus Packs

  • It is no longer necessary to log out and then log back in to activate a bonus pack.

2. Transition to 4-Player Content

Battles in DOFUS Touch are now limited to 4v4, i.e. a maximum of four players versus a maximum of four monsters or other players.

This change required a number of tweaks to monsters, bosses, dungeons, quests, PvP, spiritual gems, tile rooms, and many other things.

For more detailed information, read the devblog.

NOTE: Contrary to what was announced in that article, and in response to your feedback, PvP challenges will remain open to 8v8!

3. Removal of Monster Aggression

As described in that same devblog, the aggression mechanic for monsters outside of combat has been removed from the game.

4. Removal of Merchant Mode

Merchant mode has been removed from the game. We decided to centralize buying and selling via the marketplace; after all, virtually every map in the game has one.

Aside from that, merchant mode was frequently used for malicious purposes (selling marketplace spots, scams, etc.).

The following categories have therefore been added to marketplaces: Tool, Dofus, Beer, Stuffed Toy, Drink, Wrapping Paper, Rabmajoke (each type), and Petsmount.

If a player is in merchant mode when the game updates or still has pending items in their "store", they'll get everything back in their inventory.

5. New Challenges

There are new random challenges during combat! We'll let you discover these in the game, but here they are in list form:

  • Quick and Furious
  • Unstable
  • Foresighted
  • No Rush
  • Static
  • Head-On
  • Evasive
  • Alter Ego
  • Archaeologist
  • Loyal Friend
  • Favourite
  • Protector
  • Thirsty
  • Horticulturist
  • Beaconing
  • Victoria Station
  • Gangster
  • Blur
  • Collateral Damage
  • Masked Ball
  • Strategist

Also, the initial bonuses granted by some existing challenges have been changed:

  • Two for the Price of One: +35% instead of 25% / Ascension Island: +35 points instead of 25
  • Unpredictable: +45% instead of 25% / Ascension Island: no change
  • Exuberant: +20% instead of 10% / Ascension Island: +20 points instead of 10

6. New Smithmagic Runes

To give crafters more options and have consistency with the effect lines of certain items added in recent years, we've introduced new smithmagic runes to the game:

  • Pa Re Air Rune
  • Pa Re Water Rune
  • Pa Re Fire Rune
  • Pa Re Neutral Rune
  • Pa Re Earth Rune
  • Pa Hea Rune

The following changes have also been made:

  • The weight of the Hea Rune has been reduced from 20 to 10.
  • The XP granted by the Hea Rune to shields has been reduced.

7. New Teleportation Runes

Profession runes (such as this one) have a new effect… and it's major! They are now consumables that let you teleport to the nearest workshop corresponding to the profession. For example, the Lumberjack Rune teleports you to the lumberjacks' workshop closest to your location (accounting for access permissions in certain zones).

You must meet a few conditions to use these runes:

  • Have the profession linked to the rune
  • Not be in Incarnam
  • Not to be on Ascension Island

These runes can now be crafted with the Handyman profession, and the recipes have been modified accordingly.

The old profession rune feature, which allowed you to be listed in crafter books, is now accessible from the interface with all your professions via a simple button!

8. Professions

  • In various Alchemist recipes, the Water resource has been replaced by the Cherry resource.
  • The number of ingredients needed to craft Dopple temple elixirs has been lowered.
  • The range stats for standard fishing rods crafted by Fishermen have been updated.
  • These items can now be bought from the NPCs Si Nighford and Bhan Laka.
  • A recipe has been added to craft the key to the Larva Dungeon (Butcher), as well as one for the Jelly Dungeon (Baker). These can now be found in the key category in marketplaces.
  • The bamboo node at [21,-36] in Aerdala that could not be harvested has been moved to a different location on the map.
  • Fishing spots have been moved to Sufokia to make them more accessible.

9. Interfaces

  • A newly added button in the shortcut bar will show all monster groups currently on the map when held down. There is an option in the game settings to place this button in the first slot of your shortcut bar if you want to make it as accessible as possible.
  • You can now add zaaps and zaapis as favorites in the relevant interface.
  • The target's HP has been added to damage previews.
  • Various item effects have been added to the items' descriptions, including for shields (to describe how the passive works), Shigekax, and certain Dofus eggs.
  • Various item icons have been modified for clarity, including for scrolls and dragoturkey certificates.
  • The destination for various teleportation consumables is now shown in their effects listed.
  • When items are transferred to a bank or elsewhere, the pop-up menu for the items no longer opens on top of the transfer tab.
  • The bonus pack interface in the in-game shop has been updated.
  • The daily mission interface has been updated.
  • The interface for changing character stats has been updated.
  • The interface for changing your spells has been updated; it now lets you level up multiple spells at the same time (even if you don't have the new Elite Bonus Pack).
  • The petsmount preview in the shop now works properly when the character already has a petsmount equipped.
  • The quest book now has a search bar.
  • The rendering of challenges displayed in combat and on the end-of-fight screen has been optimized.
  • In the Ascension Island interface, a loss of points caused by a character's death now appears below points earned on each floor.
  • The smithmagic interface buttons Combine, Combine all, and Stop have been rearranged.
  • The drag and drop feature is no longer disabled when an item is moved outside the screen.
  • A background has been added to the server and character selection screen.
  • The account certification interface on Android has been optimized. The keyboard no longer hides the text field.
  • The ability to teleport to your in-game spouse via the group interface has been added.
  • The display issue when using one of Shariva's Golden Tickets has been fixed. You can no longer use the ticket an unlimited number of times, and the cost to buy it from the Shariva Merchant has been updated.
  • Certain names and translations in the crafter book have been corrected.
  • The display of kama and goultine prices in the in-game shop has been optimized.
  • Links on scrolls (such as wanted notices) have been made more legible.

10. Combat

  • It is now possible to switch places with a non-player entity in the preparation phase (such as a perceptor).
  • Just one member of an alliance can now take part in defending guild perceptors.
  • The damage preview is now active by default (and can still be disabled in the game settings).
  • Running the game application in the background no longer causes lag for all players in a fight.
  • There was occasionally lag between an action and the damage displayed; this has been fixed.
  • When someone changes equipment during the fight preparation phase, characters appearing in the timeline no longer load forever.
  • After a character equips a pet during the fight preparation phase, the loading icon no longer appears on the character in the timeline.
  • Characters no longer turn gray after using custom sets in the fight preparation phase.
  • Bonus packs no longer affect certain curses/penalties that can be received in certain fights.
  • Elemental damage from the Ecaflip Dopple's Dopplesque Rekop spell correctly appears in the chat window.
  • The state triggered by the Foggernaut's Periscope spell now appears in the timeline.
  • The Rogue's Remission spell no longer causes lag.

11. Monsters

Various monsters and bosses have been rebalanced for the transition to 4-player content, along with other things. Learn about all the changes being made by visiting this page!

12. New Equipment

New Sets

  • K.O. Set (level 193)
  • Pyramidiset (level 191)

New Equipment

  • Belteen (level 200)
  • Baleenaboots (level 200)
  • Whailtail (level 200)
  • Strange Wand (level 200)
  • Daguanos (level 196)

13. Equipment Balancing

Various equipment items and sets have been rebalanced. Check out a complete list of changes on this page!

14. Cra Class

Tactical Beacon:

  • The spell can now be cast in a diagonal line.

Dispersing Arrow:

  • The spell now pushes back 3 cells at level 6.


15. Eniripsa Class

Jarring Word:

  • Maximum stacking for the MP steal effect has been removed as it is obsolete.

Dissuasive Word:

  • The spell's damage has been reduced.

Regenerating Word:

  • The HP regeneration granted at level 6 has increased from 10 to 15%.

Cursed Mark and Blessed Mark:

  • The marks' duration has increased from 2 to 3 turns.

Cursed Mark:

  • The effect caused by Air damage has been updated; it now removes 2 MP (parryable) for one turn.

Toxic Flask and Remedy Flask:

  • The flasks' HP has been increased.
  • Their cooldown periods and AP costs have been reduced.

Toxic Flask:

  • Its AP cost has been reduced.

Mocking Word:

  • This spell has been replaced by the Dissuasive Word spell.
  • The spell inflicts Air damage to enemies in a cross-shaped area of effect.
  • The spell repels all entities by 2 cells within an empty-center cross.
  • Puts a Cursed Mark on the target in the center of the area of effect if the target is an enemy.
  • The spell's points are refunded.

Vampiric Word:

  • Non-critical damage at spell levels 1 to 5 has been reduced.


  • This summons can no longer give itself bonuses and will instead focus on targeting allies.

16. Enutrof Class

Living Chest:

  • This chest is no longer considered a player entity and therefore no longer receives combat rewards.
  • The chest's stats and spells have been changed. It now heals every ally in the area of effect for up to 5% of their max health and inflicts damage at close range (greater damage on opposing summons).
  • The chest reveals invisible entities in a radius of 2 cells using its Cheeky Nandos spell.
  • The spell's points are refunded.

17. Feca Class


  • The spell now works differently.
  • The next time an allied target takes damage from an enemy, the target recovers the HP lost (up to 1,000). The Feca then switches places with the target.
  • The effect is active for 2 turns, but it can only be triggered once.
  • The cooldown for any allied Fecas' Heroism spell has been increased by 2 turns.
  • The spell's points are refunded.

Blinding Glyph:

  • The Range penalty now lasts 3 turns at spell levels 3 through 6.

18. Osamodas Class


  • The summons's stats have been reduced.

Bestial Heal:

  • The spell now only works on Osamodas summons.

19. Pandawa Class


  • Healing provided by the Barrel is now based on the target's % HP.

20. Sadida Class


  • The spell now works differently.
  • Inflicts Water damage on the enemy target.
  • Applies the Haemolacria effect on enemies.
  • Applies the Stitches effect on the target, ally, or caster.
  • The spell can now be cast on yourself.

Bush Fire:

  • The spell now has a health steal line if the caster is in the Stitches state. The spell's Fire damage is replaced by a Water health steal line if the caster is in the Stitches state.
  • The standard damage line in the Stitches state has been reduced slightly.

Inflatable Doll:

  • An extra spell has been added to the doll.
  • The spell heals allies in the Stitches state.
  • Healing provided by the Dollish Care spell is now only applied to allied players and not to non-player entities.

Sacrificial Doll:

  • The doll inflicts extra damage on targets in the Haemolacria state.

The Ultra-Powerful:

  • Sadidas' Ultra-Powerful's Cutting spell has changed as follows:
    • The AP cost is now 2 instead of 4.
    • The spell's range is now 7 instead of 10.
    • The MP removal is now 2 instead of 3 at spell levels 1 to 5, and 3 at spell level 6 (4 for a critical hit).
    • The critical hit rate is now 1/30 instead of 1/50.
    • The limit on the number of casts per turn has been removed.
    • The spell can now be cast 1 time per target per turn.
  • The Ultra-Powerful's AP have been reduced.
  • Its Dodge has been increased.

Dolly Sacrifice:

  • The spell now works differently.
  • The spell steals health in the Water element.
  • If the target is an enemy summons, the spell inflicts 50% of damage suffered in a 2-cell area of effect. Damage only affects enemies (the target's allies).
  • If the target is an allied summons, the spell heals for 50% of damage suffered in a 2-cell area of effect. Healing is only applied to allies (the target's allies).
  • The spell's range has changed.

21. Masqueraider Class


  • The spell's pushback damage bonus has decreased.

22. Quests and Achievements

  • To make progression smoother at the beginning of the game, several quests in Astrub have been reworked.
  • The level requirement and rewards for several low-level quests have been adjusted.
  • The achievement "Prisonball": its description has been modified.
  • The achievement "Public Treasury": it can once again be completed.
  • The quest "Bandanalysis": the quest objective directs the player to the right location – Wa Wabbit's Warren, not Wa Wabbit's Castle.
  • The quest "A Fistful of Stones": the set of Voodoo Darts is properly removed from the player's inventory when the quest is completed.
  • The quests "Merry Kwismas" and "Just the Tonic!": the position indicated for the Bworker Dungeon has been corrected.
  • The quest "Rivalry": now unlocked at level 100.
  • The quest "The Malty Way": the quest no longer gets stuck when the player hasn't completed the quest "The Plant Dissension".
  • The quest "Death Is Hard, but Not as Hard as a Stone": dialogue has been added to the corresponding NPC to specify what ingredients to bring.
  • The quest "A Watertunity": the objective that involves bringing water to the NPC is better explained now.
  • The quest "Adrift in the Rift": when the quest is completed, the plant samples are removed from the player's inventory.
  • The quest "Dead to the Worm": any oak wood related to the quest is removed from the player's inventory once the quest is completed.
  • The quest "The Tsog Ghost": the Words of Tsog are removed from the player's inventory once the quest is completed.
  • The quest "The Bow Meow's Lament": the quest objectives have been changed.
  • The quest "The Secrets of the Bensieve": it is no longer possible to get stuck in the room when the Sacrificial Knife is collected.
  • Daily missions have been tweaked:
    • The frequency of rare missions has been increased.
    • Goultine rewards have been increased.
    • Rare missions dealing with dungeon bosses are available again.
    • Several objectives have been switched to the other category (common or rare missions) for consistency.
    • Daily missions are no longer included in achievements requiring you to complete a certain number of quests.

23. Miscellaneous

  • As was announced a few weeks ago, in preparation for the arrival of Legendary Weapons later on and for the removal of ethereal weapons:
    • It is no longer possible to repair ethereal weapons.
    • Associated potions have been modified accordingly.
  • A tribute to all the volunteers for the game has been added at [4,0] on the map. Thank you so much for contributing!
  • The requirements for using characteristics scrolls have been updated to include a minimum and maximum value.
  • The game settings are properly saved between two logins (on the same device).
  • When harvesting resources for professions, characters would sometimes have display issues (moving in place, character shown on the other side of the map, etc.). These issues have been fixed.
  • It is now possible to use the dungeon save function with the Royal Rainbow Blop Lair without leaving the dungeon.
  • It is no longer possible to use consumables that change the appearance of a character for other players.
  • The character's head was duplicated on some petsmounts; this issue has been fixed.
  • The Eniripsa Tiara ceremonial headgear has been fixed.
  • When opening a Bwak egg, the pet is now unlocked instantly.
  • The Manitou Zoth incarnation is now linked to the account.
  • The dialogue and possible actions for the NPC Oshar Marif have been improved.
  • The Fattumy Potion can now only be used in Incarnam.
  • The /help command has been added to the in-game chat.
  • Characters affected by the Lurgi and the Sarapox can once again use the commands /me and /think in the in-game chat.
  • A link to the official Discord channel for the game has been added to the chat message that appears when you log in.
  • Various in-game texts and dialogue have been corrected.
  • A number of maps all across the World of Twelve have been corrected.